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 Convicts Transported to Australia from India


Alphabetical list of convict ships to NSW from India and Ceylon

Convict ships from India to Western Australia

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This list of convicts to NSW from India and Ceylon was compiled by Janet Donnelly.
We are grateful to Janet for allowing us to include it on this web site.
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For 400 years or more there was a British-Irish diaspora throughout the old colonies (the British Empire), and these people, while calling themselves British subjects, may never have lived in Britain, but instead often moved from one colony to another. There were many convicts sent from these British outposts in India, Canada, the Cape of Good Hope, Bermuda, Mauritius and other places. A large number of them were soldiers who had been transported for crimes such as mutiny, desertion and insubordination.

The New South Wales (NSW) State Archives has documents on reel that provide details about convicts from other British colonies transported to the then colony of New South Wales.

Below is a selection of voyages for which there is documentation available on convicts transported from India and Ceylon to NSW.

* See also documentation and details of the fifteen convicts transported from Fort William in Bengal on board the Mary 1836.

Ship                  	Year   	Details of Convicts

Boadicea                1836    military convicts from Fort William 
Bombay                  1830    military convicts from India
British Sovereign       1841    military convicts from India
Brittania               1814    military convicts from Bengal
Caledonia               1838    convicts from India
Calista                 1828    convicts from India
Campbell Macquarie   	1812    convicts from India
Candry                  1826    military convicts from India
Caroline                1828    military convicts from India
Caroline                1831    military convicts from India
Ceylon                  1830    John Bennett, from Ceylon                        
Charles Dumergue     	1837    military convicts from India
Clorinda                1835    military convicts from Ceylon
Duchess of York         1807    2 convicts from India                   
Eagle                   1811    convicts from India
Edward Lombes        	1833    convicts from India
Elizabeth               1830    convicts from India
Eudora                  1837    military convicts from Bengal
Flora                   1829    convicts from Fort William 
Freak                   1839    Indian, Sitoo Pende, from Mauritius
Frederick               1815    military convicts from India
Gaillardon              1838    military convicts from Fort William 
Gaillardon              1839    military convicts from India
Hayeston                1816    convicts from India
Hind                    1838    convicts from India
Hunter                  1817    6 convicts from Ceylon and Bengal
Indiana                 1834    military convicts from Fort William 
John Bull               1820    John Green, convict from Ceylon
Lady Munro              1833    convicts from India
Marquis of Lansdown  	1827    4 military convicts fromFortWilliam 
Mary*                    1836    15 convicts from Fort William 
Merope                  1832    William Wade from Fort William       
Merope                  1833    convicts from India
Merope                  1834    military convicts from India
Norfolk                 1832    military convicts from India
Patriot                 1838    7 convicts from India
Pegasus                 1833    2 convicts from India
Phatasalam              1821    European convicts from Calcutta
Phoenix                 1814    convicts from Ceylon
Princess Victoria       1834    military convicts from India
Queen Charlotte         1829    John Jones from Fort William     
Reliance                1829    J. Fletcher and M. Heaphy, India      
Research             	1832    4 convicts from Fort William in Bengal
Resource             	1835    8 military convicts from India
Ruby                    1811    3 convicts from Fort William in Bengal
Sea Flower            	1820    convicts from India
Seppings              	1840    convicts from Calcutta
Sesotrias              	1841    convicts from India
Siren                   1836    convicts from Bengal
Sovereign              	1833    2 convicts from Bombay
Strathisla              1837    convicts from Bengal
Swallow                 1837    convicts from India
Union                   1815    convict from Madras, Henry Boyle
Warrior                 1835    convicts from India
William Young        	1829    convicts from India

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The ships listed below carried convicts from India to Western Australia
Follow the links to these ships for names of the convicts, trial details and more
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General Godwinex-Calcuttaarr. 28/3/185415 convicts
Guideex-Calcuttaarr. 9/1/18556 convicts
City of Palacesex-Singaporearr. 8/8/185741 convicts
Caduceusex-Bombayarr. 5/2/18581 convict
Francesex-Madrasarr. 19/11/18591 convict

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