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Read how this project got started in the Land DownUnder

Since it appeared on this site in 1998, "Convicts to Australia" has been updated and maintained by Perth DPS. The site has expanded remarkably from its initial concept and three new people have taken a special interest in the project. They have been actively involved in the extraction of information for the Western Australian component of the site. Vicki Bridge and Robyn Mischin have worked on the Physical Description information for the convicts and their husbands have come to their aid during the checking process. Lyn Todd has taken a special interest in the Pensioner Guards who travelled to Western Australia with their families and has expanded her search to take in many of the primary records held in the Battye Library and State Archives of Western Australia.

Originally, these web pages formed the Project component of a Virtual University course: Introduction to Online Genealogy. The course began online in October 1997 and encouraged students to select a topic and create a web page. The Australian Time Zone "Links" and "Guide" Study Groups combined for this project and individual student details are listed below.

We hope you find the results interesting and useful.

Rob Nelson, WA, Group Leader
John Dobson, NZ
Dave Milnes, NSW
Viv Hayes, QLD
Sue Pickering, WA
Gail Dodd, WA, Home Page
Dennis Kelly, NZ
Lawrie Maher, NSW, Home Page
Norm Scott, WA
Joan O'Donovan, NSW, Home Page
Tracey Page, NSW

Special thanks go out to Joan O'Donovan for her web design.

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