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Oct 10, 2002

Most family historians in Australia regard a convict in their ancestry as enormously desirable. "Convicts to Australia" is intended to guide, inform and entertain those just starting the hunt as well as the more experienced researcher. The site is a 'work in progress' and data is being added regularly. We hope your convict research is made easier by our efforts and above all we hope you have FUN. Although feedback and suggestions are welcome, unfortunately we are unable to answer individual questions and research requests.

What's NewWhat's New
W.A. - Vimeira 1865
(We're systematically expanding the WA Convict pages with trial details & physical descriptions.)
Research GuideResearch Guide
An overview of Australian settlement and convict transportation. Helpful hints for convict researchers on a wide range of themes.
A year-by-year account of the settlement of Australia and convict transportation at a glance. Gives perspective to a confusing period.
Convict ShipsConvict Ships
Chronological Lists of all the Convict Transports sent from England. Includes Alphabetical Lists of the First, Second and Third Fleet convicts.
Convict Ships to Western AustraliaBound for W.A.
English, Irish, Scottish and military convicts transported to Western Australia between 1850 and 1868 ... physical descriptions and trial details.
Convict Women to NSWN.S.W. Women
Convict Women arriving in New South Wales from England, Ireland and Scotland 1788-1828. (Search by ship or use our special search engine.)
Convict TalesConvict Tales
Entertaining and informative stories of convicts contributed by their owners. An opportunity to share YOUR convict's tale with other researchers.
Censuses, Musters, Convict Gangs, SerendipityBut There's More ...
An exhaustive guide to NSW Censuses and Musters. Convict Gangs & others victualled in Sydney in 1821. Serendipity - convict trivia.
The most comprehensive list of Convict Links in cyberspace. If it's on the net and free, you'll be sure to find it here, as we update it constantly!
Glossary and BibliographyBooks & Terms
A Glossary of contemporary terms and expressions and a comprehensive Bibliography to help with research (away from the computer!).

Just For Fun

Clayton's Convicts
Claytons Convicts
For those with a deprived
ancestry, who covet a
convict of their very own
Convict Quiz
Convict Quiz
Once you've explored the site,
test your knowledge in
the Ultimate Convict Quiz

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