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Caduceus - arrived in WA in 1858 SOURCES

This ship sailed from Bombay in India and arrived in Fremantle in the Swan River Colony on February 5, 1858 with 3 passengers and 1 convict [Erickson].

The convict was a soldier who had been found guilty by Court Martial in India and sentenced to transportation.

There were no deaths recorded on the convict shipping and description lists and one convict number was assigned for the voyage (4778).

There were no pensioner guards among the 3 passengers mentioned above. The 3 passengers have not been accounted for but could have been cabin passengers or regular soldiers.

The following list gives the name and trial details of the prisoner whose convict number was assigned on this voyage. Where applicable, the comments field gives alternative names attributed to the various convicts. They are not only spelling variations, but alternative names used in later life or in subsequent re-convictions. The age quoted seems to refer to the age of the convict when he was taken to trial.

* Although this information has been compiled in good faith,
please refer to primary sources for confirmation and further research.

Surname    Christian Name(s)  Reg No  Term  Age-T     Trial Place      Day Mth Year           Criminal Offence                      Comments

Devlin      Patrick            4778   14y   28     Hyderabad INDIA      19 12 1855   In breach of articles of war (Army)  aka [DEVELIN]; Tried Bombay???  
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