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 Convict Ships to Australia
NSW 1788-1800 NSW 1801-1849 Norfolk Island
Tasmania Queensland Victoria Western Australia
Convicts and Convict Ships Sent to
Moreton Bay Queensland (1849-1850)
N.B. Some ships are linked to information on one
or more of the convicts who arrived on that voyage.
            Vessel              Arrived    Port    Sailed      From     Days Embarked Landed      Master      Surgeon
                                                                              M    F   M    F
Mount Stewart Elphinstone (3)  01 11 1849  QLD   31 05 1849 Spithead    154  232      225*     Hy C Loney  Geo T Moxey
Bangalore (2)                  30 04 1850  QLD   07 01 1850 Spithead    113  297      292      Wm Morgan   Wm B Jones

                                                                             * 2 prisoners landed at Sydney
                                                                               and were sent on to Tasmania.

Extracted from The convict ships, 1787-1868, by Charles Bateson. 2nd ed. 1974.

This list has been compiled in good faith. Please treat the information with caution and
refer to primary sources for confirmation and further research.

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