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 Convicts on the Second Fleet


Scroll down for an alphabetical list of convicts on the Second Fleet

Convicts on the :
Lady Juliana
First Fleet
Third Fleet
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Acknowledgement: Newspaper article transcribed in 1992 by Barbara Turner.

A second fleet of six ships left England - Guardian, Justinian, Lady Juliana, Surprize, Neptune, Scarborough. The Guardian struck ice, and was unable to complete the voyage. She was stocked with provisions. Only 48 people died in the first group of ships, but this time 278 died during the voyage. This time transporting the convicts was in the hands of private contractors.

From the "SYDNEY COVE CHRONICLE", 30th June, 1790.

At last the transports are here
278 died on the fearsome journey to Sydney Cove

". . . The landing of those who remained alive despite their misuse upon the recent voyage, could not fail to horrify those who watched.

As they came on shore, these wretched people were hardly able to move hand or foot. Such as could not carry themselves upon their legs, crawled upon all fours. Those, who, through their afflictions, were not able to move, were thrown over the side of the ships; as sacks of flour would be thrown, into the small boats.

Some expired in the boats; others as they reached the shore. Some fainted and were carried by those who fared better. More had not the opportunity even to leave their ocean prisons for as they came upon the decks, the fresh air only hastened their demise.

A sight most outrageous to our eyes were the marks of leg irons upon the convicts, some so deep that one could nigh on see the bones . . . . . . We learn that several children have been borne to women upon the Lady Juliana, the cause for which were the crews aboard African slave ships which met up with the transport at Santa Cruz. . . . . . So the Guardian is lost and with it our provisions. What, in the name of Heaven, is to become of us ? . . . "


Hereunder our Readers will find the names of convicts who were to have sailed, or did sail, in the transports Neptune, Surprize, Scarborough and Lady Juliana.

The information was compiled by our Correspondent in London and is complete in so far as it lists all the convicts who were recently landed upon our shores. It also, howsoever, gives the names of convicts who, for various reasons of death etc., did not travel with the Fleet to New South Wales. Unhappily, we find ourselves at this time unable to indicate who sailed and who did not.

We look to our Readers for their indulgence to involuntary errors, though will find no omissions, and trust general attention will secure us from trespassing on their kindness too often.

ABBOTT         William        Norfolk        7                             
ADAMS          William        Life                                         
ADAMS          George         Kent           7                             
ASSER          Henry                         Life                          
AIKEN          John                          Life                          
ALDER          William        Middlesex      7                             
ALLAM          Francis        Lincoln        5                             
ALLEN          George                        7                             
ALLEN          Richard                       Life                          
ALLEN          Samuel         Stafford       14                            
ALLEN          Samuel         Chester        14                            
ALLEN          Thomas         Oxford         7                             
ALLEN          William                       7                             
ALLEN          William                       Life                          
ALLEN          William        Essex          7                             
ALLINGTON      John           Suffolk        Life                          
ALSOP          William        London         7                             
ALSWORTH       Peter          Lancaster      7                             
AMBLER         Benjamin       London         7                             
AMBROSE        Thomas         Hants          Life                          
AMOR           William        Wilts          7                             
ANDERSON       John           Bucks          Life                          
ANTONY         Mary           Norfolk        7                             
ARCHER         William        Middlesex      7                             
ARIS           William        Surrey         7                             
ARBELL         Thomas         Gloucester     7                             
ARLOTT         Solomon        Berks          7                             
ARNE           John           Surrey         7                             
ARNOLD         Richard                       Life                          
ASPINALL       William        Lancaster      7                             
ASPLAND        Alexander      Cambridge      14                            
ATHERTON       John           Lancaster      7                             
ATKINS         William        Northampton    14                            
ATWELL         Edward         Cornwall       7                             
ATWOOD         John           Somerset       7                             
AUSTIN         William        Leicester      Life                          
BACON          Henry          Derby          7                             
BADLIFE        John           Surrey         7                             
BAGLEY         John           Hants          7                             
BAKER          Ann            Suffolk        7                             
BAKER          Elizabeth      Surrey         7                             
BAKER          James          Warwick        7                             
BAKER          William        Middlesex      7                             
BAILEY         Thomas         Middlesex      7                             
BARBER         John           Norfolk        14                            
BARNARD        Thomas         Berks          7         alias Barnett       
BARNES         John           London         7                             
BARNES         John           Worcester      Life                          
BARNES         Samuel Robert  Middlesex      7                             
BATEMAN        William        Gloucester     7                             
BATES          Martha         Middlesex      7                             
BATES          Thomas         Middlesex      7                             
BATHER         Mary           Chester        7                             
BATTY          John           York           7                             
BARNES         William        Lancaster      7                             
BARNETT        Isaac          Chester        14                            
BARNETT        Martha         London         7                             
BARNICOAT      James          Cornwall       Life                          
BARNSLEY       Thomas         Berks          7                             
BARRAH         Uriel          London         14                            
BARRETT        Jonathan       Middlesex      7                             
BARTHOLOMEW    Isaac          Essex          14                            
BARTLETT       Richard        Gloucester     7                             
BASSETT        William        Middlesex      7                             
BATEMAN        John           Middlesex      7                             
BATEMAN        Thomas         Lancaster      5                             
BEAD           William        Middlesex      Life                          
BEADLE         Thomas         Middlesex      7                             
BEALE          James          Middlesex      7                             
BECKET         James          Radnor         Life                          
BEILBY         Elizabeth      York           14                            
BELL           Adam           York           7                             
BELL           John           Middlesex      7                             
BELDAM         Samuel         Cambridge      7                             
BENSON         John           York           7                             
BERRY          Thomas         Stafford       14                            
BICKNELL       John           Somerset       Life                          
BIDDLE         Henry          Radnor         7                             
BINCE          Robert         Gloucester     7                             
BIRCH          William        Kent           7                             
BIRD           George         Middlesex      7                             
BLACKMAN       James          York           7                             
BLAGBOURN      James          Norfolk        7                             
BLAKE          Richard        Northampton    7         alias Blick         
BLAND          John           Middlesex      7                             
BLOUNT         William        Hereford       Life      alias Brunt         
BLOXWICH       Joseph         Stafford       Life                          
BLUNDELL       John           Middlesex      7                             
BOCKERAH       Solomon        London         Life                          
BOIZE          Abraham        Middlesex      7                             
BOLGIN         John           Berks          7                             
BOLIKS         William        Cornwall       7                             
BOLTON         Peter          Middlesex      Life                          
BOND           Mary           Somerset       7                             
BOND           John           Middlesex      7                             
BONO           Philip         Middlesex      7                             
BOOTLE         John           Somerset       14                            
BORNHAM        John           Leicester      7                             
BOTHAM         John           Nottingham     7                             
BOXLEY         John           Middlesex      7                             
BRADBURN       John           Lancaster      7                             
BRADLEY        Betty          Chester        7                             
BRADSHAW       John           Surrey         7         alias Bastick       
BRANCHFLOWER   James          Somerset       7                             
BRANSLEY       William        Middlesex      7                             
BRAY           Susannah       Middlesex      7         alias Gay           
BRAY           Thomas         Middlesex      14                            
BRIANT         Michael        Somerset       7                             
BRICKMAN       Benjamin       Middlesex      7                             
BRION          Anthony        Middlesex      7                             
BRISTOW        John           Middlesex      7                             
BROAD          Cornelius      Somerset       7                             
BROTHERHEAD    Joseph         Middlesex      7                             
BROWN          James          Middlesex      7                             
BROWN          John           Cambridge      14                            
BROWN          John           Middlesex      Life                          
BROWN          Martha         Essex          7                             
BROWN          Mary           Lincoln        7                             
BROWN          William        Middlesex      7                             
BROWN          Henry          Somerset       7                             
BROOM          Samuel         Oxford         7                             
BROYDON        Scot           Cambridge      Life                          
BRUCE          John           Middlesex      7                             
BRUCE          William        Middlesex      7                             
BRUCKER        James          Oxford         Life                          
BRUIN          John           Warwick        7                             
BUCKERIDGE     Peter          London         7                             
BUCKLES        Robert         York           7                             
BUGGS          Samuel         Suffolk        7                             
BURCHAM        Ormond         Norfolk        7                             
BURGYS         William        Wiltshire      7                             
BURMAN         Richard        Gloucester     7                             
BURROWS        Cornelius      Middlesex      7                             
BURN           John           London         7                             
BURT           Samuel         Middlesex      Life                          
BURTON         George         Surrey         7                             
BURTON         James          York           7                             
BURTON         Robert         Middlesex      7                             
BUSHELL        Paul           Warwick        14                            
BUTLER         Mary           Middlesex      7                             
BUTLER         Joseph         Middlesex      7                             
BUTTERWORTH    John           Lancaster      7                             
BUTTERWORTH    Thomas         Lancaster      7                             
BUTTS          William        London         7                             
BYSELL         Robert         Warwick        7                             
CAIRNS         Marty          London         7                             
CALLAHAN       Margaret       Middlesex      7                             
CALLOW         Josiah                        7                             
CAMPBELL       Arthur         Lancaster      7                             
CARDISS        William        Shropshire     7                             
CAREY          Ann            Norfolk        7                             
CARR           Susan          Bedford        7                             
CARROLL        George         Middlesex      14        alias Catham        
CARPENTER      John           Wiltshire      7                             
CARTER         Elizabeth                     7                             
CARTER         John           Westmoreland   7                             
CARTER         John           Middlesex      7                             
CARTER         Thomas         Middlesex      Life                          
CARTWRIGHT     William                       14        alias Hoppett       
CASH           George         London         7                             
CASHMORE       John           Worcester      7                             
CASPELL        William        Hertford       7                             
CHADDERTON     Mary           Lancaster      7                             
CHAMBERS       Daniel         Middlesex      Life                          
CHANDLER       Thomas         Bedford        7                             
CHANDLER       William        Hants          7                             
CHAPMAN        James          Hants          Life                          
CHANT          Joseph         Dorset         7                             
CHARLES        David          Bedford        Life                          
CHARLTON       William        Middlesex      Life      alias Charrington   
CHEAR          Richard        Surrey         Life                          
CHELL          Richard                       7                             
CHESHIRE       Thomas         Surrey         Life                          
CHESTER        Samuel         Bucks          Life                          
CHILD          George         York           7                             
CHILLINGSWORTH Henry          Warwick        7                             
CHIPPERHAM     Rebecca        Middlesex      7                             
CHITTY         George         Surrey         7                             
CHOPEY         Thomas         Middlesex      Life                          
CHURCHES       Samuel         Gloucester     7                             
CHURCHMAN      William        Suffolk        14                            
CLARKE         Mary           Radnor         7                             
CLARKE         Thomas         Stafford       7                             
CLEAVER        James          Gloucester     7                             
COATES         James          Middlesex      7                             
COBCROFT       John           Middlesex      Life                          
COCK           Aaron          Hants          7                             
COCUTT         Ann            Stafford       7                             
CODD           Jane           Pembroke       7                             
COE            Alexander      Northampton    7                             
COLDWELL       Thomas         York           7                             
COLE           Robert         Radnor         7                             
COLE           Richard        London         Life                          
COLEBROOK      Thomas         Middlesex      Life                          
COLEMAN        Charles        Kent           7                             
COLEMAN        William        Gloucester     7                             
COLLEGE        Thomas         London         7                             
COLLIER        Thomas         Stafford       7                             
COLLIER        Peter          Lancaster      14                            
COLLINS        Daniel         Gloucester     7                             
COLLINS        Daniel         Middlesex      Life                          
COLLINS        John           Middlesex      7                             
COLLINS        Edward         Middlesex      7                             
COLLINS        Thomas         Middlesex      Life                          
COLLINS        Thomas         Middlesex      Life                          
CONE           Henry          Suffolk        Life                          
CONGDON        John           Cornwall       7         alias Harris        
CONNAWAY       George         London         Life                          
CONNER         Michael        Middlesex      Life                          
CONNER         John           Middlesex      7                             
CONNOR         Daniel         Devon          Life                          
CONNOR         Patrick        Lancaster      5                             
CONSTABLE      William        Middlesex      7                             
COOK           William        Bucks          7                             
COOK           John           Northumberland 7                             
COOKSEY        Mary                          7         alias Jones, alias B
COOLEY         Samuel         Middlesex      7                             
COOMBES        William        Middlesex      Life                          
COOPE          John           Norfolk        7         alias Cook          
COOPER         Edward         Lincoln        Life                          
CORNISH        Charles                       7                             
COUCH          William        Cornwall       Life                          
COUCH          Edward         Middlesex      7                             
COURT          James          Herts          7                             
COWLING        Samuel         Lancaster      7                             
COU'DEN        Isaac          Herts          14                            
COUSINS        Mary           London         5                             
COX            Moses          Warwick        7                             
COX            John           Devon          7                             
COX            William        Middlesex      14                            
CRAGG          Mary           York           7                             
CRAMPTON       John           Middlesex      Life                          
CRAWFORD       John           Middlesex      Life                          
CRAWTHER       Edward         Middlesex      Life                          
CROSS          Charles                       7                             
CROMER         Benjamin       Warwick        7         alias Crommer       
CROWE          John           Herts          14                            
CROWLEY        Catherine      Stafford       7                             
CROWSON        William        Northampton    7                             
CULLIMBINE     Samuel         Notts          7         alias Culludine     
CULLY          James          Norfolk        14                            
CUMPSTONE      John           Warwick        7                             
CUNNINGHAM     James          Herts          14                            
CURREY         Joseph         Middlesex      7                             
DAKIN          Daniel         Warwick        14                            
DALE           Rosamond       Lincoln        7         alias Mary Woods, Wi
DANDY          John           Lincoln        7                             
DAVES          David          Glamorgan      14                            
DAVID          Lewis          Glamorgan      Life      alias Thomas        
DAVIES         Thomas         Somerset       Life                          
DAVIES         William Philip Somerset       7                             
DAVIS          Benjamin       Gloucester     14                            
DAVIS          David          Leicester      7                             
DAVIS          Elizabeth      London         7                             
DAVIS          John           London         Life                          
DAVIS          John           London         7                             
DAVIS          John           Middlesex      Life                          
DAVIS          John           Hertford       14        alias William Armstr
DAVIS          Thomas         Hertford       7                             
DAVIS          William        Middlesex      Life                          
DAVISON        James          London         7                             
DAWS           Thomas         Middlesex      7                             
DAWSON         James          Middlesex      Life                          
DAWSON         John           Middlesex      7                             
DELBRIDGE      William        Devon          7                             
DELL           Elizabeth      Berks          7                             
DELL           Matthew        Berks          7                             
DESMONT        Mary           Middlesex      7                             
DICKENSON      Richard        Wilts          7                             
DIGBY          John           Leicester      14                            
DILLION        Thomas         Derby          14                            
DIXON          James          Middlesex      7                             
DIXON          Peter          Berks          7         alias Cains         
DOD            James          Dorset         7                             
DONNOVAN       Mary           Middlesex      7                             
DORAN          William        Lancaster      7                             
DORE           Simon          Hants          7                             
DOVEY          William        Gloucester     7                             
DOUBLEDAY      William        Nottingham     7                             
DOURBEN        David          Denbigh        14                            
DRIVER         John           Gloucester     7                             
DRURY          Elizabeth                     7                             
DUFF           John           Middlesex      7                             
DUDLEY         John           Middlesex      Life                          
DUNCAN         James          Middlesex      Life                          
DUNFORD        William        Middlesex      7                             
DUNNOVAN       Michael        Surrey         7         alias John White    
DUNSTAN        George         London         Life                          
DUNSTONE       Benjamin       Cornwall       7                             
DURHAM         John           Middlesex      Life                          
DYER           John           London         7                             
DYER           Joseph         Middlesex      Life                          
EASTLY         William        Derby          7                             
EATON          John           Derby          7                             
EAVES          Christopher    Middlesex      7                             
EDDINGTON      John           London         7                             
EDWARDS        Daniel         Middlesex      7                             
EDWARDS        Daniel         Essex          7                             
EDWARDS        Jane           Middlesex      7                             
EWARDS         John           Derby          7                             
EWARDS         Joseph         Derby          7                             
EDWARDS        Samuel         Worcs          7                             
EDWARDS        Thomas         Middlesex      Life                          
ELKINGTON      Charles        York           7                             
ELLEY          Jane           London         7                             
ELLIOT         Isaac          Derby          14                            
ELLISON        George         London         Life                          
ELWELL         Daniel         Warwick        7                             
ELWEN          William        Durham         7                             
EVANS          Edward         Montogmery     7                             
EVANS          Francis        Middlesex      Life                          
EVANS          John           London         7                             
EVANS          John           Middlesex      7                             
EVANS          John           Surrey         7                             
EVANS          Sarah          Denbigh        7                             
EVANS          William        Middlesex      7                             
EVERARD        Janus          Middlesex      Life                          
EYLES          John           Hereford       Life                          
FAIRCLOTH      William        Herts          14                            
FALCONER       Alexander      Surrey         7                             
FARMER         Isaac          London         7                             
FARR           James          Stafford       7                             
FARRENDEAN     Thomas         Hants          7                             
FAY            Ann            Kent           7                             
FENWELL        Robert         Middlesex      Life                          
FIBBS          William        Middlesex      Life      alias Fielder, alias
FISH           John           Hants          7                             
FISHER         Thomas         Worcs          7         alias Pike          
FISKE          Thomas         Norfolk        Life                          
FLANNAGAN      Hugh           London         14                            
FLANNAGAN      Mary           Middlesex      7                             
FLAXMORE       Francis        Middlesex      7                             
FLETCHER       Charles        Norfolk        Life                          
FLETCHER       George         Middlesex      7                             
FLOOD          Rose           Middlesex      7                             
FLOYD          William        Middlesex      7                             
FONSECA        Henry          Middlesex      7                             
FORBER         William PhillipGloucester     14                            
FORTESCUE      William        Herts          7                             
FREEBODY       Leon           Middlesex      7                             
FREEMAN        Richard        Essex          7                             
FRENCH         Thomas         Middlesex      7                             
FORST          Mary           Norfolk        7                             
FRY            John           Middlesex      7                             
FUDGE          Henry          Middlesex      7                             
FULLER         John           Norfolk        7                             
FULWELL        Thomas         Middlesex      7                             
FURZE          Daniel         Wilts          7                             
GAMBLE         John           Northampton    7                             
GANTLEY        John           Stafford       7                             
GARDNER        Daniel         Norfolk        7                             
GARTSIDE       Benjamin       Lancs          7                             
GAY            Michael        Wiltshire      7                             
GEARY          Thomas         London         7                             
GELASPEE       Thomas         Hert           14                            
GENT           Michael        Norfolk        7                             
GEORGE         Charles        Hants          7                             
GEORGE         Richard        Kent           7                             
GERWALT        John           Middlesex      Life                          
GIBBONS        Matthew        Middlesex      7                             
GILL           Amelia         York           7                             
GILLIES        Peter          Northampton    7         alias James Daglish,
GIRDLER        Henry          Berks          7                             
GLEDHILL       William        York           7                             
GLOVER         Henry          Lancaster      7                             
GLOVER         William        Middlesex      Life                          
GLOVES         Thomas         Middlesex      Life                          
GYNN           Edward         London         Life                          
GODDARD        Thomas         Devon          Life      alias Gothard       
GODWIN         Elizabeth      Hereford       7                             
GOGAY                         Middlesex      7         alias John Smith    
GOLD           John           Essex          14                            
GOLDFINCH      Thomas         Middlesex      14                            
GOLDINGAY      John           Warwick        7                             
GOLDSMITH      John           Middlesex      7                             
GOODING        George         Somerset       14                            
GORDON         Joure          London         7                             
GOSPORT        Thomas         Surry          7                             
GOTT           Ellen          Lancs          3                             
GOUGH          Thomas         Stafford       7                             
GRAINGER       Thomas         Middlesex      Life                          
GRANT          John           Monmouth       7                             
GRANT          William        Middlesex      7                             
GRAY           John           Middlesex      7                             
GREEN          James          Middlesex      Life                          
GREGORY        Joseph         Nottingham     7                             
GREGORY        Mary           Middlesex      7                             
GREGORY        Thomas         Middlesex      7                             
GRIFFITHS      Ann            Middlesex      7                             
GRIFFITHS      David          Carmathen      Life                          
GRIFFITHS      John           London         Life                          
GRIFFITHS      John           Montgomery     7                             
GRIFFITHS      William        Devon          7                             
GRIFFITHS      Johathon       Glouc          7                             
GRIGGS         Sarah          Kent           7                             
GRIST          John           Wiltshire      7                             
GROCER         William        London         7                             
GROSVENOR      William        Somerset       7                             
GROVES         Thomas         Warwick        7                             
GUY            Robert         Middlesex      Life                          
HACKET         Robert         Stafford       7                             
HAGGAR         Thomas         York           7         alias Aggar         
HALL           Stephen        Essex          7                             
HAMMONDS       Thomas         Worcs          7                             
HANCHARD       Daniel         Middlesex      7                             
HAND           William        Wilts          7                             
HANDLEY        Francis        Stafford       7                             
HANDS          Daniel         Middlesex      14                            
HANDS          Edward         Gloucs         7                             
HANDS          James          Gloucs         7                             
HANDS          John           Leics          14                            
HANLEY         John           Northampton    14        alias William Bentle
HANNAWAY       Ann            Middlesex      14                            
HANSON         William        Norfolk        7                             
HARDING        Samuel         Middlesex      7         alias Hardy         
HARDING        Samuel         Somerset       14                            
HARDINGE       John           Middlesex      7                             
HARDY          Francis        Middlesex      Life                          
HARTINGTON     John           Somerset       7                             
HARRIS         Francis        Middlesex      Life                          
HARRIS         Jaspar         Somerset       Life                          
HARRIS         John           Surrey         14        alias James         
HARRIS         Thomas         Middlesex      Life                          
HARRIS         William        Dorset         Life                          
HARRIS         William        Warwick        Life                          
HARROP         Richard        Chester        7                             
HAWKINS        Edward         Bucks          7                             
HAWKINS        Elizabeth      Bedford        7                             
HAWKINS        Hannah         Stafford       7                             
HAWTHORN       Richard        London         7                             
HAY            Michael        London         Life                          
HAYES          John           Middlesex      7                             
HAYNE          Nicholas       Devon          7         alias Hines         
HAYNES         Richard        Notts          7                             
HAYRICK        Thomas         Worcs          7                             
HAYWARD        Robert         Middlesex      7                             
HAYWARD        Thomas         Suffolk        7                             
HEATHCOTE      Rebecca        Chester        7                             
HEATHER        Thomas         Kent           14                            
HEMMING        Thomas         Warwick        7                             
HENLEY         Thomas         Bedford        7                             
HENLY          Daniel         Middlesex      Life                          
HENWELL        Thomas         Middlesex      7                             
HERBERT        Joseph         Middlesex      7         alias Harbourn      
HERBERT        Peter          Middlesex      7                             
HESWELL        James          Essex          7                             
HICKS          Richard        Somerset       14                            
HIGGINS        Arthur         Devon          14                            
HIGGINS        Thomas         Derby          14                            
HIGGINS        William        Middlesex      7                             
HILL           James          Hereford       14                            
HILL           Thomas         Somerset       7                             
HINDLEY        John           Middlesex      7                             
HIORNE         John           Warwick        Life                          
HISBURN        Richard        Warwick        7                             
HITCHCOCK      William        Dorset         7                             
HIX            Robert         Somerset       7                             
HOBSON         William        York           7                             
HOCKING        Thomas         Cornwall       7                             
HODGETTS       Thomas         Stafford       7                             
HOGAN          Edward         Herts          7                             
OLDEN          Joseph         Middlesex      7                             
HOLDING        James          Middlesex      7                             
HOLLAND        Thomas         Radnor         7                             
HOLLICK        William        Warwick        7                             
HOLLINGSWORTH  Richard        Middlesex      7                             
HOLT           Thomas         Warwick        Life                          
HOLTON         Charles        Middlesex      7                             
HOLTON         William        Warwick        7                             
HOOPER         William        Middlesex      7                             
HORNSBY        James          Middlesex      Life                          
HOSIER         Mathew         Herts          7                             
HOWARD         Robert         Bucks          7                             
HOWELL         Samuel         Hants          Life                          
HOWITT         John           Derby          7                             
HUFTON         Paul           Notts          7                             
HUGHES         John           Chester        7                             
HUGHES         Thomas         Bucks          7                             
HUGHES         Thomas         Warwick        7                             
HUNT           James          Middlesex      7                             
HUNT           John           Hants          14                            
HUNTER         William        Westmoreland   7                             
HURWELL        John           Middlesex      7                             
HYDE           Joseph         Warwick        Life                          
ICOM           Samuel         Middlesex      7                             
INCE           Joseph         Middlesex      7                             
INMAN          John           York           7         alias West          
INWOOD         Philip         Middlesex      7                             
IPIC           Thomas         Middlesex      7                             
IRELAND        Elizabeth      Kent           7                             
JACKSON        John           Lancaster      7                             
JACKSON        Samuel         Derby          7                             
JACOBS         Abraham        Middlesex      Life                          
JACOBS         James          Middlesex      7                             
JAMES          Richard        Carmarthem     7         alias Thomas Dale   
JEFFREY        Joseph         Devon          7                             
JENKINS        Carter         Monmouth       7                             
JENKINS        William        Monmouth       7                             
JENKINSON      Joseph         York           7                             
JENNINGS       John           Middlesex      Life                          
JOHNSON        James          Surrey         7                             
JOHNSON        John           York           7                             
JOHNSON        Richard        Kent           7                             
JOHNSON        Simon          York           7                             
JOHNSON        Thomas         Surrey         7                             
JOHNSON        Thomas         Middlesex      7                             
JOHNSON        William        York           7                             
JOINER         Henry          Worcester      7                             
JONES          David          Gloucester     7                             
JONES          David          London         7                             
JONES          Edward         Radnor         7                             
JONES          Elizabeth      Lancaster      3                             
JONES          Grace          Denbigh        7                             
JONES          James          Lancaster      7                             
JONES          James          Middlesex      7         alias Sandy         
JONES          John           Gloucester     7                             
JONES          John           Worcester      7                             
JONES          John           Middlesex      7                             
JONES          John           Essex          Life      alias Thomas Colling
JONES          Joseph         Warwick        7                             
JONES          Luke           Middlesex      7                             
JONES          Margaret       Middlesex      Life                          
JONES          Mary           Middlesex      7                             
JONES          Richard        Hertford       7                             
JONES          Robert         Middlesex      Life                          
JONES          Thomas         Middlesex      7                             
JONES          Thomas         Middlesex      7                             
JONES          Thomas         Middlesex      Life                          
JOY            Richard        Middlesex      Life                          
JUNIPER        William        Worcester      7                             
KEARNS         James          Middlesex      14                            
KEATE          Thomas         Oxford         7                             
KEELING                       Middlesex      7         alias Charles Morris
KEELE          Richard        Gloucester     7                             
KELLEY         Lawrence       Middlesex      7                             
KELLY                         Middlesex      7         alias John Henderson
KELLY          Daniel         Chester        7                             
KENT           George         Surrey         7                             
KINCAIRD       David          Middlesex      7                             
KINDLING       Daniel         Middlesex      Life                          
KING           George         Middlesex      7                             
KING           Thomas         Middlesex      7                             
KING           Charles        Middlesex      Life                          
KING           Henry          Cambridge      Life                          
KING           Thomas         London         Life                          
KITSON         Joseph         Devon          14                            
KNIGHT         William        Middlesex      7                             
KNIGHT         William        Middlesex      7                             
KNOTT          James          Hertford       7                             
KNOWLAND       Charles        Midddlesex     7                             
LACEY          John           Middlesex      7         alias James         
LACEY          J              London         7                             
LAKE           Thomas         Essex          7                             
LAKE           Thomas         Bucks          7                             
LANCASTER      Robert         Notts          14                            
LANE           Thomas         Devon          7                             
LANE           George         Middlesex      7                             
LANGLEY        John           Lincoln        5                             
LANGLEY        Samuel         London         7                             
LANGDON        Thomas                        7                             
LARCOMBE       John           Wiltshire      7                             
LARKMAN        Peter          Norfolk        7                             
LATHAM         David          London         7                             
LAWTON         Henry          Lancs          7                             
LAVINDER       Simon          Middlesex      7                             
LEARY          Mary           London         7                             
LEE            Abraham        Middlesex      7                             
LEE            George         London         Life                          
LESTER         Thomas                        14                            
LETHBRIDGE     John           Devon          7                             
LEVELL         John           Suffolk        7                             
LEWIS          John           Glamorgan      Life                          
LEWIS          Thomas         Hants          Life                          
LEWIS          John           Wiltshire      7                             
LEY            Isaac          Gloucester     7                             
LILLIE         Nathaniel      Suffolk        Life                          
LILLEY         William        London         7                             
LINDSAY        Ephraim        Northampton    7                             
LING           Richard        Middlesex      7                             
LINSLEY        Elizabeth      Wiltshire      7                             
LITTLEHALES    Richard        Warwick        7                             
LOAKE          Thomas         Northampton    7                             
LOCK           Matthew        Middlesex      7                             
LOFT           John           Surry          7                             
LONG           William        Hants          7                             
LONGFORD       John           Middlesex      Life                          
LOVEGROVE      James          Berks          7                             
LOVELACE       John                          7                             
LOWE           Hugh           Chester        14        alias Cartwright    
LOWE           Robert         Derby          14                            
LOWE           Robert         Notts          7                             
LUMBER         Isaac                         14                            
LUXTON         Thomas         7                                            
LYNCH          Alice          Monmouth       7         alias Davies        
McCARTY        John           London         7                             
McDONALD       William        Berks          7                             
McDONALD       William        Middlesex      Life                          
McDONALD       Hugh           Middlesex      7                             
McDONAIGH      Mary           Hants          7                             
McGURK         Francis        Lancaster      7                             
McINTOSH       John           Middlesex      7         alias Kirby         
McKAY          William        London         7                             
McNAMARA       Michael        Middlesex      7                             
MACKENZIE      John           London         7                             
MADELL         John           Essex          14                            
MAGGS          George         Radnor         14                            
MAISEY         William        Gloucester     14                            
MANLOVE        Sarah          York           7                             
MANYPENNY      Richard        Middlesex      7                             
MAPP           Luke           Herts          Life                          
MARSHALL       Daniel         Hants          7                             
MARKWELL       Thomas         Essex          14                            
MANTON         Broughton      Bucks          7         alias Lawrence      
MARKS          William        Cornwall       14                            
MARTIN         John           Worcester      7                             
MARTIN         John           Middlesex      7                             
MARTIN         Mary           Middlesex      7                             
MARTIN         Charles        Hants          14                            
MARTIN         William        London         7                             
MASON          William        Middlesex      7                             
MASON          Hall           Chester        14                            
MASON          John           Herts          7                             
MASKEW         John           London         7                             
MATTHEWS       Isaac          Berks          7                             
MATTHEWS       James          Middlesex      7                             
MATTHEWS       Thomas         Middlesex      7                             
MAY            James          Middlesex      Life                          
MAYNARD        Samuel         Middlesex      7                             
MAYRICK        Edward         Middlesex      7                             
MAYO           Elizabeth      Herts          7                             
MEACHAM        William        Warwick        7                             
MEARS          John                          7                             
MEDLICOTT      William        Hereford       Life                          
MEREDITH       Ann            Worcester      7                             
MERRICK        Joseph         Middlesex      7                             
MERSEY         Betty          Lancaster      7                             
MESSINGER      Thomas         Middlesex      Life                          
METCALFE       James          York           7                             
METCALFE       John           Berks          7                             
MEYERS         John           Middlesex      7                             
MICHAELS       Michael        Middlesex      7                             
MIDDLEMASS     John           Norfolk        7                             
MILES          Thomas         Gloucester     7                             
MILLER         Daniel         Bucks          7                             
MILLER         John           Northumberland 7                             
MILLER         James          Bucks          Life                          
MILLETT        John           Middlesex      Life                          
MISHAN         William        Gloucester     7                             
MITCHELL       Mary           Middlesex      7                             
MOGGERIDGE     George         Monmouth       7                             
MOODING        William        Middlesex      7                             
MOORE          Thomas         Warwick        7                             
MORGAN         John           London         Life                          
MORGAN         James          Monmouth       7                             
MORGAN         Martha         Pembroke       7                             
MORGAN         John           Somerset       7                             
MORGAN         Mary           Radnor         14                            
MORGAN         Thomas         Wilts          7         alias Davies        
MORLEY         Joseph         Middlesex      7                             
MORLEY         Richard        Herts          14                            
MORRIS         George         London         Life      alias Roberts       
MORRIS         David          Montgomery     7                             
MORRISON       Thomas         Middlesex      7                             
MORRISON       Thomas         London         7                             
MORTON         William        Northumberland 7                             
MORTON         Phillip        Chester        14                            
MOSSELL        Joseph         Middlesex      Life                          
MOULSEY        John           Derby          7                             
MUGGERIDGE     William        Surrey         7                             
MUILMAN        John           Cornwall       7                             
MUMFORD        William        Warwick        7                             
MUMFORD        James          Warwick        7                             
MULLOY         Jane           Middlesex      7                             
MURPHY         James          Gloucester     Life                          
MURRELL        Robert         Norfolk        14                            
MURRY          John           Monmouth       Life                          
NADAN          George         Middlesex      7                             
NAGGS          Elizabeth      Kent           7                             
NASPER         Francis        Gloucester     7                             
NEALE          John           Middlesex      7                             
NEALE          John           Middlesex      7                             
NEALER         James          Herts          14                            
NEVE           Margaret       Chester        7                             
NEWBY          Thomas         Middlesex      Life                          
NEWETT         John           Middlesex      7                             
NOBE           Thomas         Middlesex      7                             
NOWLAND        Michael        Middlesex      Life                          
NUGENT         James          Middlesex      7                             
OAKLEY         John           Middlesex      7                             
OAKLEY         Joseph         Middlesex      7                             
OATS           John           Dorset         7                             
ODDY           Thomas         Middlesex      7                             
O'HARA         John           Middlesex      7                             
OKEY           James          Gloucester     14                            
ORMAN          William        Middlesex      7                             
ORME           Nicholas       Derby          7                             
OSMOND         John           Dorset         7         alias Osborne, alias
OSBORNE        William        Middlesex      7                             
OWEN           Thomas         Radnor         Life                          
OWENS          Joseph         Berkshire      7         alias Cucko         
PACE           John           Middlesex      Life                          
PADDLE         George         Somerset       7                             
PAGETT         James          Gloucester     Life                          
PAILD          Edward         London         Life                          
PALMER         Henry          Middlesex      7                             
PALMER         John           Hants          7                             
PALMER         William        Kent           7                             
PARKER         George         Stafford       7                             
PARKER         Thomas         Gloucester     Life                          
PARSONS        Anselon        Gloucester     7                             
PARSONS                       Devon          7         alias William Parish
PARTERN        Joseph         Devon          7                             
PASS           Charles        Stafford       Life                          
PAWSON         William        York           7                             
PAYNE          Abraham        Somerset       7                             
PAYNE          Peter          Gloucester     7                             
PEACOCK        Thomas         Middlesex      7                             
PEARCE         William        London         7                             
PEASE          John           Norfolk        7                             
PEDLAR                        Cornwall       7         alias John Penlethon
PENN           Joseph         Warwick        7                             
PENTECROSS     Joseph         London         Life                          
PERKINS        Edward         Durham         Life                          
PETERS         James          Gloucester     7                             
PETERS         Thomas         Middlesex      7                             
PHILIPS        Thomas         Herts          7                             
PHILLIPS       Samuel         Somerset       7                             
PHILLIPS       Thomas         Warwick        Life                          
PHILLIPS       Sarah          Middlesex      7                             
PHILLIS        John           London         7                             
PHIPPS         Solomon        Gloucester     7                             
PHYEW          Edward         Middlesex      7                             
PIDGEON        Samuel         Radnor         7                             
PIMLETT        William        Middlesex      7                             
PLACE          John           Middlesex      Life                          
PLIMSHOLE      Abraham        Devon          7                             
POCTER         Richard        Nottingham     Life                          
PODDY          William        Monmouth       7                             
POLOCK         Samuel         London         Life                          
POOL           Joseph         Gloucester     7                             
PORTER         George         Middlesex      Life                          
PORTER         Thomas         London         7                             
POTTER         Samuel         Norfolk        14                            
POYNTON        William        Middlesex      Life                          
PRENTICE       William        Essex          14                            
PRICE          Thomas         Wilts          7                             
PRICE          John           Middlesex      Life                          
PRIEST         William        Stafford       14                            
PRIEST         Thomas         Stafford       14                            
PRINCE         Hannah         Chester        7                             
PROCTOR                                      7         alias Matthews, Lewi
PRYOR          John           Kent           7                             
PUGH           William        Stafford       7                             
PULLEN         James          Essex          Life                          
RAND           James          Herts          14                            
RANSON         Thomas         Middlesex      Life                          
RASBERRY       Phillip        Norfolk        7                             
RASSELL        Robert         Hants          7                             
RAYNARD        Henry          Staffs         7         alias Ragher        
REAY           Joseph         Middlesex      Life                          
REDFORD        John           Lancaster      7                             
REDMAN         John           Sussex         14                            
QUARMAN        Robert         Somerset       14                            
QUINTON        John           Middlesex      7                             
REDDY          Matthew        Norfolk        7                             
REDFEARNE      Joseph         York           7                             
REID           William        Middlesex      7                             
REPEAT         John           Warwick        7                             
REWELL         Thomas         Radnor         Life                          
REYNOLDS       Thomas         London         7                             
RICE           Elizabeth      Middlesex      7                             
RICE           John           Devon          7                             
RICHARD        Christopher    Middlesex      7                             
RICHARDS       Joseph         Radnor         7                             
RICHARDS       William        Glamorgan      14                            
RICHARDS       William        Warwick        7                             
RICHARDSON     Anthony        Surrey         14                            
RICHARDSON     Peter          Cambridge      14                            
RICHARDSON     William        London         Life      alias Jones         
RICHES         James          Suffolk        14                            
RILEY          Edward         Middlesex      Life                          
RILEY          Thomas         Middlesex      7                             
RILEY          Thomas         Middlesex      7                             
RISOM          Elizabeth      York           7                             
ROBBINS        John           Somerset       Life      alias Short         
ROBERTS        John           York           7                             
ROBERTS        John           Middlesex      7                             
ROBERTS        William        Warwick        7                             
ROBINSON       John           Middlesex      Life                          
ROBINSON       Thomas         Hants          7                             
ROBLEY         John           Middlesex      Life                          
ROBNETT        James          Herts          14                            
ROBSON         Joseph         Kent           7                             
ROGERS         Benjamin       Middlesex      Life                          
ROGERS         John           Middlesex      Life                          
ROGERS         Thomas Charles Middlesex      7                             
ROSS           John Le        Surrey         Life                          
ROWE           John           Devon          7                             
ROWLEY         William        Middlesex      7                             
ROWLING        John           Cornwall       7         alias Rawling       
ROWLEY         Thomas         London         7                             
RUDD           Thomas         London         7                             
RUDGE          William        Warwick        7                             
RUMBLE         Phillip        Southampton    7                             
RUMMING        Thomas         Gloucester     7                             
RUSE           Lionel         Norfolk        7                             
RYALL          John           Hants          7                             
RYAN           John           Somerset       7                             
RYMES          Elizabeth      London         7                             
SALES          Martin         Kent           7                             
SALTER         George         Devon          7                             
SANDWICK       Eleanor        Cumberland     14                            
SANE           Joseph         Middlesex      7                             
SANSBURN       George         Gloucs         7                             
SARGEANT       Thomas         Middlesex      Life                          
SARRA          James          Middlesex      Life                          
SARVER         Thomas                        7                             
SAUNDERS       John           Notts          7                             
SAVAGE         Abraham        York           7                             
SAVAGE         Robert         London         7                             
SAXLEBYE       James          Warwick        7                             
SAXON          Francis        Chester        7                             
SAXTON         Joseph         Derby          7                             
SAYERS         Henry          Lancaster      14                            
SCAMP          Lazarus        Hants          7                             
SCINCE         James          Middlesex      Life                          
SCOTT          James          Gloucs         7                             
SCOTT          Thomas         Middlesex      7                             
SCOTTS         William        Wilts          7                             
SEABRY         Peter          Somerset       Life                          
SEAPER         John           Middlesex      7                             
SEATON         Alexander      London         Life                          
SELLICK        John           Somerset       Life                          
SENEY          James          Somerset       Life                          
SHAW           George         Lancaster      7                             
SHEPPARD       George         Middlesex      7                             
SHIPTON        Thomas         Hants          7                             
SHIRLEY        Thomas         Berks          7                             
SHORT          Joseph         Middlesex      7                             
SHRIMPTON      Richard        Berks          7                             
SHURBURD       William        Middlesex      Life                          
SIBLEY         James          Hants          7                             
SILVAN         William        Norfolk        7                             
SILVERTHORN    James          Somerset       7                             
SIMPSON        George         Middlesex      7                             
SIMPSON        William        Notts          7                             
SINDFIELD      William        Middlesex      7                             
SMALL          John           London         7                             
SMITH          Ambrose        Gloucs         7                             
SMITH          Ann            Wilts          7                             
SMITH          Benjamin       Warwick        7                             
SMITH          Charles        Hants          7                             
SMITH          Charles        Middlesex      7                             
SMITH          Elizabeth      Middlesex      7                             
SMITH          George         Middlesex      Life                          
SMITH          James          Surrey         7                             
SMITH          James          Wilts          7                             
SMITH          James          Middlesex      7                             
SMITH          John           Radnor         7                             
SMITH          John           York           7                             
SMITH          John           Kent           14                            
SMITH          Joseph         Middlesex      7                             
SMITH          Nicholas       York           7                             
SMITH          Oliver         Norfolk        7                             
SMITH          Robert         York           7                             
SMITH          Robert         Essex          7         alias Sains         
SMITH          Sarah          Essex          7                             
SMITH          Stephen        Notts          7                             
SMITH          Thomas         Middlesex      7                             
SMITH          Thomas         Notts          7                             
SMITH          Thomas         Middlesex      Life                          
SMITH          William        Middlesex      7                             
SMITH          William        London         7                             
SMITH          William        Denbigh        7         alias White         
SOAN           William        Surrey         7                             
SOARE          John           Derby          7                             
SOFTLEY        Joseph         Middlesex      Life                          
SOLOMONS       Frederick      Middlesex      7                             
SOLOMONS       Samuel         London         7                             
SOUTH          Elizabeth      Hereford       7                             
SPARKS         Benjamin       Somerset       7                             
SPILEYE        Traverse       Notts          7                             
STEELE         George         London         7                             
STEELE         Robert         Middlesex      7                             
STEPHENSON     Thomas         Lincoln        7                             
STERNY         Francis        Radnor         7                             
STEVENSON      Samuel         Middlesex      Life                          
STEVENSON      William        Middlesex      Life                          
STEWARD        John           Warwick        7                             
STICKE         James          Devon          Life                          
STILES         John           Berks          7                             
STILES         James          Berks          7                             
STOKES         Charles        Middlesex      7                             
STONE          George         Middlesex      7                             
STONE          James          Kent           7                             
STONE          William        London         7                             
STRAKER        Mathew         York           7                             
STRUTTON       John           London         7                             
STUART         John           Bucks          14        alias Hainsworth    
STULTZ         Mary           Middlesex      7                             
SULLEY         William        Notts          7                             
SUMMERLAND     Thomas         Warwick        7                             
SUMPTON        John           Cumberland     Life                          
SUTTLE         Joseph         Surrey         7                             
SUTTON         William        London         Life                          
TALBOT         George         Middlesex      7                             
TAMBROOK       Joseph         Middlesex      7                             
TARR           John           Somerset       7                             
TAYLOR         John           Norfolk        7                             
TAYLOR         Joseph         Middlesex      Life                          
TEAGUE         John           Gloucester     7                             
TEASDALE       Thomas         Middlesex      7                             
TEBY           James          Berks          7                             
THOMAS         David          Monmouth       7                             
THOMAS         James          Middlesex      7                             
THOMAS         John           Middlesex      Life                          
THOMAS         John           Middlesex      7                             
THOMAS         John           Lancaster      7                             
THOMAS         William        Middlesex      7                             
THOMAS         William        Moses          Brecknock                     
THOMPSON       Richard        Stafford       Life                          
THOMPSON       Robert         York           7                             
THOMPSON       Thomas         Middlesex      Life                          
THOMPSON       Charles        Middlesex      7         alias Gullings      
THOMPSON       James                         7                             
THOMPSON       James          Pembroke       7                             
THORN          Humphrey       Middlesex      7                             
THORN          William        Middlesex      Life                          
THORNE         Richard        Berks          7                             
THRUSH         Thomas         Middlesex      Life      alias Thrust        
TILBROOK       William        Norfolk        7                             
TIMBRELL       George         Gloucester     14                            
TODD           Henry          Middlesex      7                             
TOMLINSON      Thomas         Nottingham     5                             
TONGE          William        Lancaster      7                             
TOWERS         Robert         Lancaster      7                             
TOWNSEND       James          Hants          Life                          
TOWNSEND       John           Hants          Life                          
TRANTER        James                         14                            
TREADWELL      William        Warwick        7                             
TRICKER        Edmund         Norfolk        7                             
TUCKER         James          Middlesex      7                             
TUCKER         John           Middlesex      7                             
TUCKER         John           BuckinghamshireLife                          
TUCKER         Jonothan       London         7                             
TUCKER         Mary           Middlesex      14                            
TUCKWELL       Thomas         Gloucester     7                             
TURNER         Francis        Radnor         7                             
TURNER         Mark           Surrey         7                             
TURNER         Richard        Somerset       7                             
TURTON         Samuel         Chester        14                            
TURWOOD        John           Middlesex      Life                          
TYACK          Joseph         Cornwall       7                             
UNDERWOOD      William        Surrey         7                             
UPTON          Thomas         Middlesex      7                             
USHER          James          Middlesex      Life                          
VALLANCE       Thomas         Middlesex      Life                          
VENNER         Boze           Kent           14                            
WADE           Richard        Middlesex      7                             
WADE           Elizabeth Ann  Middlesex      7                             
WAIN           James          Northampton    7                             
WALKER         Samuel         Leicester      7                             
WALTER         William        Berks          14                            
WALTERS        John           Middlesex      7                             
WALTERS        Mary           Middlesex      7                             
WALTON         Matthew        Middlesex      7                             
WARD           James          Middlesex      7                             
WARD           Joseph         Middlesex      Life                          
WARD           William        Somerset       7                             
WARREN         Benjamin       Dorset         Life                          
WARTON         William        Middlesex      7                             
WARWICK        William        Essex          7                             
WATKINS        William        Gloucester     7                             
WATKINS        Rachel         Hereford       7                             
WATKINS        John           Middlesex      7                             
WATKINS        Benjamin       Middlesex      7                             
WATSON         William        Middlesex      7                             
WATSON         John           Middlesex      7                             
WATTS          James          Middlesex      Life                          
WEBB           Simon          Warwick        7                             
WESTWOOD       James          Somerset       7                             
WESTWOOD       Edward         Somerset       7                             
WESTWOOD       William        Stafford       7                             
WHEELER        Ann            Middlesex      7                             
WHITE          David          Somerset       7                             
WHITE          James          Middlesex      14                            
WHITE          David          Surrey         7                             
WHITE          Mary           Surrey         7                             
WHITE          Thomas         Wilts          7                             
WHITEHOUSE     Moses          Warwick        Life                          
WHITEHOUSE     James          Warwick        7                             
WHITLAM        Sarah          Lincoln        7                             
WIEGRASS       George         Norfolk        7                             
WILDBLOOD      Edward         Radnor         Life                          
WILFORD        William        Surrey         7                             
WILKINSON      James          Middlesex      Life                          
WILLCOCK       Ann            Lincoln        7                             
WILLIAM        Edward         Glamorgan      Life                          
WILLIAMS       Mary           Monmouth       Life                          
WILLIAMS       John           Gloucester     14                            
WILLIAMS       Robert         Gloucester     7                             
WILLIAMS       John           London         7                             
WILLIAMS       Catherine      Surrey         7                             
WILLIS         Sarah          York           7                             
WILMOTT        Thomas         Middlesex      Life                          
WILSHIRE       John           Hertford       14                            
WILSON         James          Middlesex      7                             
WILSON         Alexander      Middlesex      7                             
WILSON         Joseph         York           7                             
WILSON         John           Bedford        14                            
WILSON         James          Berks          14                            
WILSON         Mary           Cumberland     7                             
WINBOW         John           Hants          7                             
WINS           Edward         Berks          7                             
WINSHIP        William        Durham         14                            
WINSTON        Thomas         Middlesex      7                             
WISEMAN        John           Suffolk        7                             
WITHERS        Robert         Middlesex      7                             
WOOD           George         Devon          14                            
WOOD           William        Lincoln        7                             
WOOD           William        Warwick        7                             
WOOD           John           Middlesex      Life                          
WOOD           John           Middlesex      Life                          
WOOD           Elizabeth      Middlesex      7                             
WOOD           James          Somerset       7                             
WOODGER        Charles        Middlesex      Life                          
WOODHAM        Nathaniel      Bradford       7                             
WOODHAM        Edward         Gloucester     Life                          
WOODHAM        James          Gloucester     Life                          
WOOLEY         Joseph         Middlesex      7                             
WRIGHT         Thomas         Derby          Life                          
WRIGHT         David          Hertford       14                            
WRIGHT         Joseph         Lancaster      7                             
WRIGHT         John           Middlesex      Life                          
WRIGHT         John           Middlesex      Life                          
WRIGHT         William        Middlesex      7                             
YARDLEY        William        Surrey         Life                          
YORK           Henry          Monmouth       7                             
YOUNG          John           Middlesex      Life                          
YOUNG          Michael        Middlesex      7                             

Convicts on the Lady Juliana

ACTON          Sarah               7                             
ANDERSON       Mary                7                             
ANSELL         Mary                7                             
ARNOLD         Mary                7                             
ATKINS         Violetta            7                             
ATKINSON       Mary                7                             
AYRES          Elizabeth           7                             
BARNES         Elizabeth           7                             
BARNSLEY       Elizabeth           7                             
BARRY          Ann                 7                             
BATEMAN        Mary                7                             
BEACH          Mary                7                             
BONE           Ann                 7         alias Smith         
BRADY          Ann                 7                             
BRAY           Susannah            7         alias Gay           
BROOKS         Ann                 7                             
BROOKS         Jane                7                             
BROWN          Elizabeth           7                             
BROWN          Grace               7                             
BROWN          Sarah Sophia Ann    7                             
BUTLER         Mary                7                             
CARTER         Elizabeth           7                             
CARTER         Margaret            7                             
CARTER         Sarah               7                             
CAVENAUGH      Mary                7                             
CHAFEY         Mary                7                             
CHAPLIN        Mary                7                             
CHRISTMAS      Mary                7                             
CLAPTON        Ann                 7                             
CLAYTON        Mary                7                             
COTTEREL       Elizabeth           7                             
CURTIS         Esther              7                             
DANIELS        Martha              7                             
DAVIS          Mary                7                             
DAVIS          Mary                7                             
DAWSON         Jane                7                             
DAWSON         Mary                7         Alias Bray          
DORSET         Sarah               7                             
DOWLING        Mary                7                             
EMMES          Ann                 7         alias J'Amms        
FARRELL        Elizabeth           7                             
FITZPATRICK    Rose                7                             
FLANNEGAN      Mary                7                             
FORBES         Ann                 7                             
GALE           Elizabeth           7                             
GALLAND        Ann                 7                             
GEE            Hannah              7         alias Teesdale      
GIBSON         Ann                 7                             
GILES          Elizabeth           7                             
GITTOS         Mary                7                             
GOLDSMITH      Elizabeth           7                             
GOMER          Sarah               7                             
GOSLIN         Elizabeth           7                             
GRAHAM         Sarah               7                             
HAGER          Ann                 7                             
HANNAWAY       Ann                 14                            
HARD'AMAN      Ann                 7                             
HARDING        Amelia              7                             
HARDYMAN       Elizabeth           7                             
HAYNES         Alice               7                             
HENDERSON      Elizabeth           7                             
HEYLAND        Catherine           Life                          
HIGGINS        Mary                7         alias Harrold       
HODDY          Rachael             7                             
HOLLOWAY       Elizabeth           7                             
HOOK           Mary                7                             
HOPPER         Elizabeth           7                             
HOUNSETT       Mary                7                             
HOUSE          Sarah               7                             
HOUSUM         Catherine           7                             
HOWARD         Ann                 7                             
ISRAEL         Maria               7                             
IVEMAY         Elizabeth           7                             
JOHNSON        Elizabeth           7                             
JOHNSON        Mary                7                             
JOHNSON        Matilda             7                             
JONES          Ann                 7                             
JONES          Elizabeth           7                             
JONES          Elizabeth           7                             
JONES          Lydia               Life                          
JONES          Mary                7                             
JONES          Mary                7                             
JONES          Sarah               7                             
KELLY          Sarah               7                             
KEMP           Ann                 7                             
KIMES          Mary                7                             
LEICESTER      Elizabeth           7                             
LEWIS          Mary                7                             
LLOYD          Jane                7                             
MADDOX         Grace               14                            
MANSON         Isabella            7         alias Smith         
MARSH          Charlotte           7                             
McDONALD       Eleanor             7                             
METCALF        Elizabeth           7                             
MICHAEL        Sarah               14                            
MIDDLESEX      Elizabeth Price     7                             
MORGAN         Anne                7                             
MORGAN         Margaret            7         alias Mary Jones    
NASH           Mary                7                             
OAKLEY         Mary                7                             
PARRY          Elizabeth           7                             
PEALING        Hannah              7                             
PENNINGTON     Elizabeth           7                             
PICKETT        Sussanah            7                             
RANDALL        Mary                7                             
REID           Mary                7                             
ROBERTS        Sarah               7                             
ROBINSON       Elizabeth           7                             
ROCK           Ann                 7                             
ROSTER         Elizabeth           7                             
ROWNEY         Hannah              7                             
SANDERS        Jane                7         alias Norris        
SHAKESPEAR     Elizabeth           Life                          
SIMPSON        Charlotte           7         alias Hall          
SIMPSON        Mary                7                             
SMITH          Elizabeth           7         alias Carr          
SMITH          Elizabeth           Life                          
SMITH          Mary                7                             
SMITH          Sarah               7                             
SONG           Mary                Life                          
STEEL          Ann                 Life                          
STEEL          Elizabeth           7                             
STEWART        Mary                7                             
STEWART        Susannah            7                             
SULLEY         Elizabeth           14                            
SUTTON         Sarah               7                             
SYONS          Sarah               7                             
TALBOT         Dorcas              7                             
TALBOT         Mary                7                             
TAYLOR         Sarah               7                             
THOMAS         Ann                 7                             
THOMPSON       Jane                7         York                
THOMPSON       Mary                7         Lincoln             
THORNTON       Esther              Life                          
TUCK           Mary                7                             
TURNER         Rachael             7                             
VANDEBUS       Jane                14                            
WADE           Mary                Life                          
WALKER         Mary                14                            
WATERS         Jane                7                             
WATSON         Elizabeth           7         alias Davis         
WHEELER        Ann                 7                             
WHITING        Jane                Life                          
WHITTAKER      Jane                7                             
WILLIAMS       Jane                7         alias Vicars        
WILLIAMS       Mary                7                             
WILLIAMS       Phoebe              7                             
WILSON         Mary                7                             
WILSON         Sarah               7                             
WINSPEAR       Mary                7                             
WISHAW         Elizabeth           7                             
WOOD           Ann                 7                             
YOUNG          Sarah               7                             

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