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 Convicts on the First Fleet


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Acknowledgement: Newspaper article transcribed in 1992 by Barbara Turner.

Capt. Arthur Phillip, R.N. was commissioned as the first Governor of New South Wales. He set sail on May 13th, 1787 from Portsmouth with 11 vessels [Alexander, Lady Penrhyn, Charlotte, Scarborough, Friendship, Prince of Wales; supplies, equipment and livestock on Borrowdale, Fishburn, Golden Grove; navy ships, man-o'-war Sirius and armed tender Supply]. He arrived in N.S.W. with 717 convicts of whom 180 were women, guarded by 191 marines under 19 officers.

Note: The incorrect spellings of some place names are how they appeared in the newspaper. Some of those listed did not arrive in Australia as they either did not embark or died en route.

From the "LONDON GAZETTE", October 1788.


Your Correspondent looks to our Readers and has ascertained as far as possible the names of those who have been convicted of crimes in the Country of England since 1783 and have been sentenced by His Majesty's Judges to be sent to that part of New Holland known as New South Wales. Your Correspondent looks to our Readers for their indulgence to involuntary errors and omissions, and trust general attention will secure us from trespassing on their kindness too often.

ABEL            Robert         London        7                             
ABRAMS          Henry                        7                             
ABRAHAMS        Esther         London        7                             
ABELL           Mary           Worcester     7          alias Tilley       
ACRES           Thomas         Exeter        7                             
ADAMS           John           London        7                             
ADAMS           Mary           London        7                             
AGLEY           Richard        Winchester    7                             
ALLEN           John           Hertford      7                             
ALLEN           William        Ormskirk      7                             
ALLEN           Charles        London        7                             
ALLEN           Susannah       London        7                             
ALLEN           Mary           London                                      
ALLEN           Jamasun        London        7          alias Boddington   
ALLEN           Mary           London        7          alias Conner       
ANDERSON        John           Exeter        7                             
ANDERSON        Elizabeth      London        7                             
ANDERSON        John           London        7                             
ANDERSON        Fanny          Winchester    7                             
ARCHER          John           London        7                             
ARSCOTT         John           Bodmin        7                             
ATKINSON        George         London        7                             
AULT            Sarah          London        7                             
AYNERS          John           London        7          alias Agnew        
AYRES           John           London        7                             
BARTLETT        James          Winchester    7                             
BARSBY          George         Winchester    Life                          
BARNETT         Henry          Warwick       7          alias Barnard, alia
BAILS           Robert         Reading       Life                          
BARNES          Stephen        York          7                             
BANNISTER       George         London        7                             
BARFERD         John           London        7                             
BARLAND         George         London        7                             
BALDING         James          London        7          alias William      
BASON           Elizabeth      New Sarum                wife of William Bas
BAYLEY          James          New Sarum     7                             
BAZLEY          John           Exeter        7                             
BAKER           Thomas         Exeter        7                             
BARRETT         Thomas         Exeter        Life                          
BATLEY          Caten          Exeter        7                             
BARSBY          Samuel         Exeter        7                             
BALL            John           Exeter        7                             
BARRY           John           Bristol       7                             
BARRET          Daniel                                                     
BARRER          Elizabeth                                                  
BALDWIN         Ruth           London        7          alias Bowyer       
BAKER           Martha         London        7                             
BELL            William        London        7                             
BENEAR          Samuel         London        7                             
BELLET          Jacob          London        7                             
BEARDSLEY       Ann            Derby         5                             
BEST            John                                                       
BECKFORD        Elizabeth      London        7                             
BELLAMY         Thomas         Worcester     7                             
BRID            James          Croydon       7                             
BIRD            Samuel         Croydon       7                             
BISHOP          Joseph                                                     
BINGHAM         John                                    alias Boughan      
BINGHAM         Elizabeth      London                   alias Mooring      
BIRD            Elizabeth      Maidstone     7          alias Winifred     
BLACKHALL       William        Abingdon      7                             
BLUNT           William        London        7                             
BLAKE           Francis        London        7                             
BLATHERHORN     William        Exeter        Life                          
BLOEDWORTH      James          Kingstone     7                             
BLANCHETT       Susannah       Kingston      7                             
BOND            Peter          London        7                             
BOYLE           John           London        7                             
BOGGIS          William                                                    
BOND            William        Exeter        7                             
BOND            Mary           Wells         7          wife of John Bond  
BOULTON         Rebecca        Lincoln       7                             
BONNER          Jane           London        7                             
BOLTON          Mary           Shrewsbury    7                             
BROWN           James          Hertford      7                             
BROWN           William        Southwark     7                             
BRINDLEY        John           Warwick       7                             
BROWN           Richard        Reading       7                             
BROUGH          William        Stafford      7                             
BRADLEY         James          London        7                             
BROWN           Thomas         London        7                             
BRADBURY        William        London        7                             
BRYANT          Thomas         Maidstone     7                             
BRYANT          William        Launceston    7                             
BROWN           Thomas         Exeter        7                             
BRADFORD        John           Exeter        7                             
BRANNEGAN       James          Exeter        7                             
BRUCE           Robert         Exeter        7                             
BROWN           William        Exeter        7                             
BRYANT          John           Exeter        7                             
BREWER          William        Exeter        7                             
BRICE           William        Bristol       7                             
BRAND           Curtis                                                     
BRYANT          Michael                                                    
BRAND           Lucy           London        7          alias Wood         
BRANHAM         Mary           London        7                             
BRUCE           Elizabeth      London        7                             
BURLEIGH        James          London        7                             
BURN            Peter          London        7                             
BURNE           James          London        7                             
BUTLER          William        London        7                             
BUCKLEY         Joseph         Dorchester    7                             
BURRIDGE        Samuel         Dorchester    7                             
BURN            Patrick                                                    
BURN            Simon                                                      
BUFLEY          John                                                       
BUNN            Margaret       London        7                             
BURKITT         Mary           London        7                             
BURDO           Sarah          London        7                             
CARVER          Joseph         Maidstone     7                             
CASTLE          James          London        7                             
CAMPBELL        James          London        7          alias George       
CAMPBELL        James          Guildford     7                             
CARNEY          John           Exeter        7                             
CARTY           Francis        Bodmin        7                             
CAREY           Ann            Taunton       7                             
CARTER          Richard        Shrewsbury               alias Michael Cartw
CABLE           Henry                                                      
CARROLL         Mary           London                   wife of James Carro
CESAR           John           Maidstone     7                             
CHIELDS         William                                                    
CHADDICK        Thomas         London        7                             
CHURCH          William        Dorchester    7                             
CHAAF           William        Exeter        7                             
CHINERY         Samuel         Exeter        7                             
CHANIN          Edward         Exeter        7                             
CLOUGH          Richard        Durham        7                             
CLEMENTS        Thomas         London        7                             
CLARK           John           London        7          alias Hosier       
CLARK           William        London        7                             
CLARKE          John           Exeter        7                             
CLEAVER         Mary           Bristol       7                             
CLEAR           George                                                     
CLARK           Elizabeth                                                  
CONNELLY        William        Bristol       7                             
CORMICK         Edward         Hertford      7                             
CORDEN          James          Warwick       7                             
COLLING         Joseph         London        7                             
COLE            William        London        7                             
COX             John Matthew   London        7                             
COLLIER         Richard        Kingstone     7                             
CONNOLLY        William        Bodmin        7                             
CONELLY         Cornelius      Exeter        7                             
COLMAN          Ishmael        Dorchester    7                             
COFFIN          John           Exeter        7                             
COLE            Elizabeth      Exeter        7                             
CON             James          Exeter                                      
COPP            James          Exeter        7                             
COOMBES         Ann            Taunton                  wife of Samuel Coom
COLE            Elizabeth      London        7                             
COLLEY          Elizabeth      London        14                            
COOKE           Charlotte      London        7                             
COOPER          Mary           Worcester     7                             
COLPITTS        Ann            Durham        7                             
CROSS           John           New Sarum     7                             
CROPPER         John           London        7                             
CROSS           William        Coventry      7                             
CREAMER         John           Exeter        7                             
CREEK           Jane           London        7                             
CUNNINGHAM      Edward         London        7                             
CULLEN          James Bryen    London        7                             
CULLYHORN       John           Exeter        7                             
CUDLIP          Jacob          Bodmin        7          alias Norris       
CUSS            John           New Sarum     7          alias Hunsboy      
CUCKOW          William                                                    
DAY             Richard        Reading       7                             
DAVIES          Edward         Stafford      7                             
DAY             Samuel         Glocester     14                            
DAVIS           Samuel         Glocester     7                             
DAVIS           William                                                    
DAVIS           James          London        7                             
DANIELLS        Daniel         London        7                             
DALEY           James          London        7                             
DAVIDSON        John           London        7                             
DAVIS           William        Brecon        Life                          
DAVIS           Richard                                                    
DALEY           Ann            Nether Knutsfo7          wife of Gore Daley,
DARNELL         Margaret       London        7                             
DAVIS           Ann            London        7                             
DALTON          Elizabeth      London        7                             
DAVIDSON        Rebecca        London                   wife of Robert Davi
DAWSON          Margaret       London        7                             
DAVIS           Frances        Chelmsford    14                            
DAVIES          Sarah          Worcester     7                             
DAVIES          Mary           Shrewsbury    7                             
DENNISON        Michael        Poole         7                             
DENISON         Barnaby        Bristol       7                             
DELANY          Patrick                                                    
DICKSON         Thomas         Durham        7          alias Ralph Raw    
DISCALL         Timothy        Bodmin        7                             
DIXON           Mary           London        7                             
DICKENSON       Mary           Southwark     7                             
DOUGLAS         William        Lincoln       7                             
DOWLAND         Ferdinand      London        7                             
DODDING         James                                   alias Doring       
DRING           William        Kingston upon 7                             
DUNNAGE         Joseph         London        Life                          
DUDGENS         Elizabeth                                                  
DUNDASS         Jane           London        7                             
DUTTON          Ann            London        7                             
DEYER           Leonard        Southwark     7                             
DYKES           Mary           London        7                             
EARLE           William        New Sarum     7                             
EAGLETON        William        Kingston      7          alias Bones        
EATON           Mary                                    alias Shephard     
EARLY           Rachel         Reading       7                             
EATON           Martha                                                     
ECCLES          Thomas         Guildford     Life                          
EDMUNDS         William        Monmouth      7                             
EDWARDS         William                                                    
EGGLESTON       George         Maidstone     7                             
ELLAM           Peter          Ormskirk      7                             
ELLIOT          William        Croydon       7                             
ELLIOT          Joseph         Croydon       7                             
ELAM            Deborah        Chester       7                             
ENGLISH         Nicholas       London        7                             
EVERETT         John           Hertford      7                             
EVERINGHAM      Matthew        London        7                             
EVANS           Williams       Shrewsbury    7                             
EVANS           Elizabeth      London        7                             
FARRELL         Phillip        London        7                             
FARLEY          William        Bristol       7                             
FARMER          Ann            London                                      
FENTUM          Benjamin       London        7                             
FERGUSON        John           Exeter        7                             
FILLESEY        Thomas         Bristol       7                             
FITZGERALD      Jane           London        7          alias Phillips     
FIELD           William                                                    
FINLOW          John                                    alias Hervey       
FIELD           Jane           London                                      
FITZGERALD      Elizabeth      London        7                             
FLYN            Edward                                                     
FLARTY          Phebe          London        7                             
FOWKES          Francis        London        7                             
FORRESTER       Robert         London        7                             
FOYLE           William        New Sarum     7                             
FOWLES          Ann            London        7                             
FOWNES          Margaret       Shrewsbury    7                             
FORBES          Ann            Kingston      7                             
FREEMAN         James          Hertford      7                             
FREEMAN         Robert         London        7                             
FRANCIS         William        London        7                             
FRANCISCO       George         London        7                             
FRY             George                       7                             
FRYER           Catherine                               alias Prior        
FRASER          William        Manchester    7                             
FRASER          Ellen          Manchester    7                             
FULLER          John           Manchester    7                             
GARDNER         Francis        London        7                             
GARTH           Edward         London        7                             
GARLAND         Francis        Exeter        7                             
GARTH           Susannah                                alias Grath        
GABEL           Mary           Southwark     7                             
GASCOYGNE       Olive          Worcester     7                             
GEARING         Thomas         Oxford        Life                          
GESS            George         Gloucester    7                             
GEORGE          Anne           London        7                             
GLENTON         Thomas         Northallerton 7                             
GLOSTER         William        London        7                             
GORDON          Daniel         Winchester    7                             
GOODWIN         Edward         London        7                             
GOODWIN         Andrew         London        7                             
GOULD           John           Exeter        7                             
GRAY            Charles        Southwark     7                             
GRIFFITHS       Samuel         Gloucester               alias Briscow, alia
GREENWELL       Nicholas       London        7                             
GREEN           John           Reading       7                             
GRIFFITHS       Thomas         London        7                             
GRANGER         Charles        Plymouth      7                             
GRACE           James                                                      
GREEN           Hannah                                                     
GROVES          Mary           Lincoln       7                             
GREEN           Mary           London        7                             
GREEN           Ann            London        7                             
GREENWOOD       Mary (?)       London        7                             
GUNTER          William        Bristol       7                             
HANDFORD        John           Winchester    7                             
HATCHER         John           Winchester    7                             
HATFIELD        William        Maidstone     7                             
HAWKES          Richard        Reading       7                             
HARRIS          William        Maidstone     7                             
HATCH           John           Reading       7                             
HARTLEY         John           Oxford        7                             
HART            John           Stafford      7                             
HAINES          Joseph         Gloucester    7                             
HATHAWAY        Henry          Gloucester    7                             
HAYES           Dennis         London        7                             
HALL            Samuel         London        7                             
HARBINE         Joseph         London        7                             
HARPER          Joshua         London        7                             
HAYTON          George         London        7          alias Clayton      
HARRISON        Joseph         London        7                             
HART            John           London        7                             
HARRIS          John           London        Life                          
HAYES           John           Guildford     7                             
HATTOM          Joseph                                                     
HARRIFON        Joseph                                                     
HAMLIN          William        Exeter        7                             
HALL            Joseph         Exeter        Life                          
HALL            John           Exeter        7                             
HADON           John           Exeter        7                             
HA?ES           William                                                    
HANDY           Cooper                                                     
HAYNES          William                                                    
HERVEY          Elizabeth                                                  
HALL            Margaret                                                   
HART            Frances                                                    
HARRISON        Mary           Lincoln       7                             
HEADING         James          Chelmsford    Life                          
HEADINGTON      Thomas         Abingdon      7                             
HERBERT         John           London        7                             
HART            Catherine      London        7                             
HERBERT         John           Exeter        7                             
HANDLAND        Dorothy        London        7          alias Gray         
HALL            Sarah          London        7                             
HAMILTON        Maria          london        7                             
HARRISON        Mary           London        7                             
HARWOOD         Ester          London        7          alias Howard       
HAYWARD         Elizabeth      London        7                             
HALL            Elizabeth      Newcastle     7                             
HERBERT         Jane           London                   alias Rose, alias J
HENRY           Catherine      London        7                             
HILL            John           Maidstone     Life                          
HINDLEY         William        Ormskirk      7          alias Platt        
HINDLE          Ottiwell       Preston       7                             
HILL            John           London        7                             
HILL            Thomas         London        7                             
HILT            William        Exeter        Life                          
HILL            Thomas                       7                             
HIPSLEY         Eliabeth       London        7                             
HILL            Mary           London        7                             
HOLLISTER       Job            Bristol       7                             
HAWELL          Thomas         Stafford      7                             
HOLMES          William        London        7                             
HOLLOWAY        James          London        7                             
HOWARD          Thomas         London        7                             
HOGG            William        London        14                            
HOWARD          John           London        7                             
HORTOP          James          Exeter        7                             
HOLLAND         William        Exeter        7                             
HOLMES          Susannah                                                   
HOLLOGIN        Elizabeth      London        7                             
HUGHES          Hugh           Southwark     7                             
HUMPHREY        Edward         London        7                             
HUSBAND         William        London        7                             
HUGHES          John           Maidstone     7                             
HURLEY          Jeremiah       Exeter        7                             
HUBBARD         William                                                    
HUMPHREYS       Henry          Exeter        7                             
HUGHES          Thomas                                                     
HUDSON          John                                                       
HUSSEY          James                                                      
HUGHES          Frances Ann    Lancaster     7                             
HUFFNELL        Susannah       Worcester     7                             
HUMPHRIES       Mary                                                       
HYLIDS          Thomas         Guildford     7                             
INGRAM          Benjamin       London        7                             
INETT           Ann            Worcester     7                             
IRVINE          John           Lincoln                  alias Aderson, alia
JACKSON         William        Durham        7                             
JACOBS          David          London        7                             
JACOBS          John           London        7                             
JACKSON         Hannah         Bristol       7                             
JAGET           Joseph         Exeter        7                             
JAMESON         James                                                      
JACKSON         Jane           London                   alias Esther Robert
JACKSON         Mary           London        7                             
JEFFRIES        Robert         Devizes       7                             
JEFFERIES       John           Maidstone     7                             
JENKINS         Robert         Maidstone     7          alias Brown        
JEPP            John           London        7                             
JENKINS         William        Exeter        7                             
JONES           Francis        Winchester    7                             
JONES           Thomas         Warwick       7                             
JOHNSON         Charles        Manchester    7                             
JONES           Edward         London        7                             
JOSEPHS         Thomas         London        7                             
JOHNSON         William        Kingston      7                             
JOHNS           Stephen        Launceston    7                             
JONES           Margaret       Launceston    14                            
JOHNSON         Edward         Dorcester     7                             
JONES           John           Exeter        14                            
JONES           William        Shewsbury     7                             
JONES           Richard        Shewsbury     7                             
JONES           Thomas         Bristol       14                            
JOHNSON         Catherine      London        7                             
JOHNSON         Mary           London        7                             
KELLY           Thomas         Pontefract    7                             
KELLAN          John           London        Life       alias Keeling      
KENNEDY         Martha         Kingston      7                             
KIDNEY          Thomas         Bristol       7                             
KILBY           William        Reading       7                             
KING            John           London        7                             
KILPACK         David          London        Life                          
KIMBERLEY       Edward         Coventry      7                             
KNOWLER         John           Maidstone     7                             
KNOWLAND        Andrew                                                     
LANKEY          David          London        7                             
LANE            Richard        Winchester    7                             
LAWRELL         John           Bodmin        7                             
LANE            William        Chelmsford    7                             
LARNE           James          Exeter        7                             
LAMBETH         John           Bristol       7                             
LAVELL          Henry                                                      
LARA            Flora          London                                      
LAYCOCK         Caroline       London                                      
LANGLEY         Jane           London        7                             
LAWRENCE        Mary           London        7                             
LEMON           Isaac          Chelmsford    7                             
LEVY            Joseph         London        7                             
LEARY           John           Winchester    7                             
LEGG            George         Dorchester    7                             
LEARY           Jeremiah       Bristol       14                            
LEGROVE         Stephen                                                    
LEE             Elizabeth      London        7                             
LEWIS           Sophia         London        7                             
LEONARD         Elizabeth      London        7                             
LEVY            Amelia         Southwark     7                             
LIFT            George         London        Life                          
LIMEBURNER      John           New Sarum     7                             
LIMPUS          Thomas         Exeter        Life                          
LIGHTFOOT       Samuel         Exeter        7                             
LONGSTREET      Joseph         Marlborough   7                             
LONG            Joseph         Gloucester    14                            
LOCKLEY         John           London        7                             
LONG            Mary           London        Life                          
LOVE            Mary           Maidstone     7                             
LOCK            Elizabeth      Gloucester    7                             
LUCAS           Nathaniel      London        7                             
LYNCH           Humphry        New Sarum     7                             
LYNCH           Ann            Bristol       14                            
LYDE            John                                                       
MAY             Richard        New Sarun     7                             
MARTIN          Stephen        Bristol       7                             
MANSFIELD       John           Chelmsford    7                             
M'LEAN          Francis        Guildford     7                             
M'LEAN          Thomas         Guildford     7                             
MATON           Thomas         Maidstone     7                             
M'DONNAUGH      James          Maidstone     7                             
MARINER         William        Oxford        7                             
MARROTT         John           Gloucester    7                             
M'LAUGHLIN      Charles        Durham        7                             
MACINTIRE       John           Durham        7                             
MARTIN          John           London        7                             
M'DONALD        Alexander      London        7                             
MARNEY          William        London        7                             
MARSHALL        Joseph         London        14                            
M'LEAN          Edward         Maidstone     7                             
MARTIN          Abraham        New Sarum     7                             
MARTIN          Thomas         Exeter        7                             
MARTYN          James          Exeter        7                             
McCORMICK       Sarah          Manchester    7                             
McCORMACK       Mary           Liverpool     7                             
MASON           Betty          Gloucester    14                            
McGRAH          Redman                                                     
McDEED          Richard                                                    
McNA MAR        William                                                    
MACKRIE         James                                                      
MARRIOTT        Jane           London        7                             
MATHER          Ann            London        7                             
MATHER          Mather         London        7                             
MASON           Susannah       London                   alias Gibbs        
McCABE          Eleanor        London        7                             
MARSHALL        Mary           London        Life                          
MARSHALL        Mary           London        7                             
MARTIN          Ann            Southwark                                   
MEYNELL         John           Nottingham               alias William Radfo
MESSIAH         Jacob                                                      
MEECH           Jane           Exeter        7          wife of William Mee
MILTON          Charles        Maidstone     7                             
MIDGLEY         Samuel         Lancaster     7                             
MIDDLETON       Richard        London        7                             
MITCHELL        Nathaniel      Dorchester    7                             
MILLS           Matthew                                                    
MITCHCRAFT      Mary           Kingston      7                             
MITCHELL        Mary           Kingston      7                             
MORRIS          Peter          Bristol       7                             
MOWBRAY         John           Lincoln       7                             
MORGAN          Richard        Gloucester    7                             
MORRISBY        John           London        7                             
MOORE           William        London        7                             
MORLEY          John           London        7                             
MOORIN          John           London        7                             
MORGAN          Robert         London        7                             
MOBBS           Samuel         London        7                             
MORGAN          William        London        7                             
MOULD           William        Guildford     7                             
MOLLANDS        John           Launceston    7                             
MOYLE           Edward         Launceston    7                             
MOOD            Charles                      7                             
MORTIMORE       John           Exeter        7                             
MORLEY          Joseph                                                     
MORTON          Mary           London        7                             
MULLOCK         Jesse          New Sarum     7                             
MURPHY          William        Liverpool     7                             
MUNROE          John           London        7          alias Nurse        
MULLIS          Stephen        Exeter        7                             
MURPHY          James                        7                             
MUNRO           Lydia          Kingston      14                            
MULLENS         Hannah         London        Life                          
NEWLAND         John           London        7                             
NETTLETON       Robert         Kingston upon 7                             
NEAL            John           London        7                             
NEAL            James          Bristol       7                             
NEEDHAM         Elizabeth      London        7                             
NICHOLLS        John           London        7                             
NORTON          Phebe          London        7                             
NUNN            Robert         London        7                             
O'CRAFT         John           Exeter        7                             
OGDEN           James          Manchester    7                             
OKEY            William        Gloucester    7                             
OLDFIELD        Thomas         Manchester    7                             
OLDFIELD        Isabella       Manchester    7                             
OPLEY           Peter          Maidstone     7                             
ORFORD          Thomas         London        7                             
OSBORNE         Thomas         London        7                             
OSBORNE         Elizabeth      London        7          alias Jones        
OWLES           John           Croydon       7                             
OWEN            John           London        7                             
OWEN            Joseph         Shewsbury     14                            
PAGE            Paul           Lincoln       7                             
PANE            William        Nottingham    7                             
PARRY           Edward         Stafford      7                             
PARR            William        Liverpool     7                             
PALMER          John Henry     London        7                             
PARKER          John           London        7                             
PARISH          William        London        7                             
PARTRIDGE       Richard        London        Life                          
PARRIS          Peter          Exeter        7                             
PARKINSON       Jane           Manchester               alias Partington, a
PARKER          Elizabeth      Gloucester    7                             
PARFLEY         Ann            London        7                             
PARKER          Mary           London        7                             
PARTRIDGE       Sarah          London        7          alias Roberts      
PARRY           Sarah          London        Life                          
PERROT          Edward Bearcro Bristol       7                             
PETRIE          John           London        7                             
PEYTON          Samuel         London        7                             
PERCIVAL        Richard        London        7                             
PETTITT         John           London        7                             
PEAULET         James          London        7                             
PEET            Charles        London        Life                          
PECK            Joshua         Exeter        7                             
PERKINS         Edward         Plymouth      7                             
PETHERICK       John           Plymouth      7                             
PENNY           John                         7                             
PHILLIMORE      William        London        7                             
PHILLIPS        Richard        London        7                             
PHILLIPS        Mary           Taunton       7                             
PHYFIELD        Roger          Shrewsbury               alias Twyfield     
PHYN            Mary           London        7                             
PIGOTT          Samuel         Exeter        7                             
PINDER          Mary           Lincoln       7                             
PIPKIN          Elizabeth      London        7                             
PILES           Mary           London        7                             
POPE            David          Southwark     7                             
POWER           John           London        7                             
PONTIE          John           London        Life                          
POOLE           Jane           Wells         7                             
POWER           William                                                    
POWLEY          Elizabeth                                                  
POWELL          Ann            London        7                             
PRICE           John           Southwark     7                             
PRIOR           Thomas         Reading       7                             
PRICE           James          Gloucester    7                             
PRITCHARD       Thomas                                                     
PUGH            Edward         Gloucester    7                             
RANDALL         John           Manchester    7                             
REYMOND         George         London        7                             
RAMFEY          John           Kingston      7                             
REPEAT          Charles        Warwick       7                             
READ            William        Croydon       7                             
REARDON         Bartholomew    Winchester    7                             
READ            Ann            London        Life                          
RISDALE         Thomas         Bristol       Life       alias Crowder      
RICHARD         James          East Grinstead7                             
RICHARDSON      James          Maidstone     7                             
RISBY           Edward         Gloucester    7                             
RICHARDSON      William        London        7                             
RICHARDSON      Hardwicke      London        7                             
RICHARDSON      John           London        7                             
RICHARD         David          London        7                             
RICHARDSON      Samuel         London        7                             
RICKSON         William        Chelmsford    7                             
RICHARDS        John           Winchester    7          alias Williams     
RICHARD         James          Launceston    7                             
RICE            John           Exeter        7                             
ROPE            Anthony        Chelmsford    7                             
ROGERS          Daniel         Croydon       7                             
ROBINSON        George         Lincoln       7                             
ROGERS          Isaac          Gloucester    14                            
ROBINSON        Thomas         Kingston upon 7                             
ROBERTS         John           Liverpool     7                             
ROBINSON        George         London        7                             
ROMAIN          John           London        7                             
ROWE            John           Launceston    7                             
ROWE            William        Launceston    7                             
ROBERTS         William        Bodmin        7                             
ROBINSON        William        Exeter        7                             
ROACH           Henry          Exeter        7                             
ROBINS          John           Exeter        7          alias Major        
ROUS            Walton                                  alias Batley       
ROLT            Mary           London                                      
ROSSON          Isabella       London        7                             
RUSSEL          John           London        7                             
RUGLASS         John           London        Life                          
RUSSLER         John           London        Life                          
RUCE            James          Bodmin        7                             
RUTH            Robert         Exeter        7                             
RYAN            John                                                       
SALTMARSH       William        Kingston      7                             
SANDERSON       Thomas         Lincoln       7                             
SANDS           William        Lincoln       7                             
SAMPSON         Peter          London        7                             
SANDLIN         Ann            London                   alias Lynes, alias 
SCATTERGOOD     Robert         Stafford      7                             
SCOTT           Elizabeth      London        7                             
SELSHIRE        Samuel         London        7                             
SEYMOUR         John           Sherborne     7                             
SHEARMAN        William        Reading       7                             
SHAW            Joseph         Stafford      7                             
SHEPHERD        Robert         Durham        7                             
SHARPE          George         Durham        7                             
SHORE           William        Lancaster     7                             
SHORE           John                                                       
SHIERS          James          London        Life                          
SILVERTHORN     John           New Sarum     7                             
SIDEWAY         Robert                                                     
SLATER          Sarah          London        7                             
SMALL           John           Exeter        7                             
SMART           Richard        Gloucester    7                             
SMART           Daniel         Gloucester    7                             
SMITH           Thomas         Lancaster     7                             
SMITH           William        Liverpool     7                             
SMITH           Edward         London        7                             
SMITH           William        London        7                             
SMITH           Thomas         London        7          alias Haynes       
SMITH           James          London        7                             
SMITH           John           Guildford     7                             
SMITH           William        Bodmin        1                             
SMITH           Ann            Winchester    7          wife of John Smith 
SMITH           Hannah         Winchester    7                             
SMITH           William        Dorchester    7                             
SMITH           Edward         Exeter        7                             
SMITH           John           Exeter        7                             
SMITH           Ann            London        7                             
SMITH           Catherine      London        7                             
SMITH           Ann            London        7                             
SMITH           Catherine      London        7                             
SMITH           Mary           London        7                             
SNALEHAM        William        London        7                             
SPARKS          Henry                                                      
SPENCER         Daniel         Dorchester    14                            
SPENCER         John                                    alias Pearce       
SPENCE          Mary           Wigan         5                             
SPRIGMORE       Charlotte      London        7                             
SPRINGHAM       Mary           London        7                             
SQUIRES         James          Kingston      7                             
STANLEY         William        New Sarum     7                             
STRONG          James          Dorchester    7                             
STOW            James          Lincoln       7                             
STONE           Martin         Warwick       7                             
STOKEE          John           Durham        7                             
STONE           Charles        London        7                             
STONE           Henry          London        7                             
STOGDELL        John           London        14                            
STUART          James          London        7                             
STANTON         Thomas         Launceston    7          alias Ebden        
STEPHENS        John Morris    Dorchester    7                             
STEWART         Margaret       Exeter        7                             
STRECH          Thomas         Shrewsbury    7                             
SUMMERS         John           Gloucester    7                             
TAYLOR          Joshua         Manchester    7                             
TAYLOR          Henry                                                      
TAYLOR          Sarah          Kingston      7                             
TENANT          Thomas Hilton  Chelmsford               alias Phillip Divin
TEAGUE          Cornelius      Bodmin        7                             
TENCHALL        James                                   alias Tenninghill  
THACKERY        Elizabeth      Manchester    7                             
THOMPSON        William        Durham        7                             
THOMAS          James          London        7                             
THOMPSON        James          London        7                             
THOMAS          James          London        7                             
THOMAS          John           London        7                             
THOMPSON        William        London        7                             
THOUDY          James                                                      
THOMAS          Elizabeth      Wigan         7                             
THORNTON        Ann            London        7                             
TUNMINS         Thomas         Warwick       7                             
TILLEY          Thomas         Stafford      7                             
TILL            Thomas         London        7                             
TODD            Nicholas       London        7                             
TROTTER         Joseph         Maidstone     7                             
TRACE           John           Exeter        7                             
TRIPPETT        Susannah       London        7                             
TURNER          Ralph          Manchester    7                             
TUSO            Joseph         London        Life                          
TURNER          John                                                       
TUCKER          Moses          Plymouth      7                             
TURNER          Thomas                                                     
TURNER          John                                                       
TURNER          Mary           Worcester     7                             
TWYNEHAM        William        Reading       7                             
TWYFIELD        Ann            Shrewsbury    7          since said to be ma
TYRRELL         William        Winchester    7                             
VANDELL         Edward         East Grinstead7                             
VINCENT         Henry          London        7                             
VICKERY         William        Exeter        7                             
UNDERWOOD       James          New Sarum     14                            
USHER           John           Maidstone     7                             
WATERHOUSE      William        Kingston      7                             
WATSAN          John           Maidstone     7                             
WARD            John           Lowth         7                             
WALL            William        Oxford        7                             
WAGER           Benjamin       London        7                             
WALSH           William        London        7                             
WALKER          John           London        7                             
WALBOURNE       James          London        7                             
WATSON          Thomas         Exeter        7                             
WARE            Charlotte                                                  
WATKINS         Mary                                                       
WAINWRIGHT      Ellen          Preston       7          alias Esther Eccles
WARD            Ann            London        7                             
WADE            Mary           London        14         alias Cacklane     
WELCH           James          Maidstone     7                             
WELCH           John           Durham        7                             
WEST            Benjamin       London        7                             
WESTWOOD        John           London        7                             
WELSH           John           London        7                             
WELCH           John           London        Life                          
WESTLALE        Edward         Exeter        7                             
WADDICOMB       Richard        Exeter        7                             
WHEELER         Samuel         Croydon       7                             
WHITAKER        George         Maidstone     7                             
WHITING         William        Gloucester    7                             
WHITTON         Edward         Maidstone     Life                          
WHITE           James          Maidstone     7                             
WILCOCKS        Samuel         Dorcester     7                             
WILTON          William        Bristol       7                             
WILSON          Charles        London        Life                          
WILSON          Peter          Manchester    7                             
WILLIAMS        Charles        London        7                             
WILLIAMS        James          London        7                             
WILLIAMS        John           Maidstone     7          alias Black Jack   
WILLIAMS        Robert         Launceston    7                             
WILLIAMS        John           Bodmin        7          alias Floyd        
WILDING         John           Bury          7          alias Warren       
WICKHAM         Mary           New Sarum     14                            
WILLIAMS        Peter          Exeter        7          alias Flaggett, ali
WILCOCKS        Richard        Exeter        7                             
WILLIAMS        John           Exeter        7                             
WISEHAMMER      John           Bristol       7                             
WILLIAMS        Daniel         Preston       7                             
WILLIAMS        Frances        Mold          7                             
WILLIAMS        Mary           London        7                             
WOOD            George         London        7                             
WOODCOCK        Peter          London        7                             
WOODHAM         Samuel         London        Life                          
WORSDELL        William        Launceston    7                             
WOOLCOT         John           Exeter        Life                          
WOODCOCK        Francis        Shrewsbury    7                             
WOOD            Mark                                                       
WRIGHT          Thomas         Reading       7                             
WRIGHT          Benjamin       London        7                             
WRIGHT          Joseph         London        7                             
WRIGHT          William        London        7                             
WRIGHT          James          Maidstone     7                             
WRIGHT          Ann            London        7                             
YARDSLEY        Thomas         Shrewsbury    7                             
YATES           Nancy          York          7                             
YOUNG           John           London        7                             
YOUNG           Simon          London        7                             
YOUNGSON        Elizabeth      Lancaster     7                             
YOUNGSON        George         Lancaster     7                             

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