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This list is by no means exhaustive. A search of library catalogues will unearth many more relevant titles. Included here are books which have been recommended by other researchers. We welcome your suggestions for additions to the Bibliography.

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Anderson, C.L. Lincolnshire convicts to Australia, Bermuda and Gibraltar: a study of two thousand convicts. Dunholme, Lincoln: Laece Books, 1993.

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The voice of our exiles : or, Stray leaves from a convict ship. Ed. by Daniel Ritchie. Edinburgh : John Menzies, 1854. [Notes: Essays by convicts, collected and issued as the Pestonjee Bomanjee Journal, April 25, 1852 to July 28, 1852.]

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Written on the body : the tattoo in European and American history / edited by Jane Caplan. London : Reaktion, 2000. ISBN 1861890621.

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