Laura WEBB

Research Interests - January 2000

In researching both sides of my family, the genealogical net has spread far and wide. From Poland and Ireland to England and then to Australia.

There is, according to family history, a direct link with a Polish Count, my gggrandfather Gustav Veldamari Lazzerini, supposedly shot by the Russians and whose son, my paternal ggrandfather, was exiled to Siberia, subsequently escaped and made his way to England. So far we have been unable to substantiate this story. Perhaps someone out there might be able to help.

An equally puzzling story on my mother's side is that of Gertrude Farrell, an adult, who accompanied my grandparents, my mother and her brother, to Australia. Apart from the fact that she did arrive on the s.s. Bremen in 1908, extensive research has failed to find any further trace of her.

Should you require any further information about the names listed below, or if you can help with either of the above mysteries, please contact me at

Locality KEY
COOMBE   Lambeth SRY ENG pre 1878
COOMBE     IA USA pre 1878
COOMBE   Barrow-in-Furness LAN ENG aft 1900
FARRELL       IRL pre 1820
FARRELL   Lambeth SRY ENG aft 1850
FARRELL   Govan LKS SCT pre 1908
FARRELL   Eriken WA AUS 1908-1909
FARRELL   Kalgoorlie WA AUS pre 1914
FRYER     SRY ENG aft 1880
GEORGE   Southampton HAM ENG pre 1850
HAWKINS     SRY ENG pre 1850
LAZZERINE   Cairns QLD AUS 1924-1975
LAZZERINI   -All- -All- POL -All-
MELLON     MDX ENG aft 1800
RUTT     SRY ENG aft 1880
STINSON   Holborn MDX ENG -All-
TWISELTON     SRY ENG aft 1900
WEBB   Enfield LND ENG -All-
WEBB   Poplar MDX ENG -All-
WEBB   Hay NSW AUS 1924-1925
WEBB   Southern Cross WA AUS aft 1925
WINDLE     MDX ENG aft 1800

Nov 1, 2001