Research Interests - February 1999

These are my direct line ancestors and I would love to hear from you if you think there may be a connection. With my maiden name of BEBEE (no one could EVER spell it) I am especially keen to learn about William BEBEE, a baker of St. Ives HUN, who married in Chatteris CAM in 1816.

If you want further information about the families listed below, please contact me at

Locality KEY
BEBEE   Cambridge
BEBEE   -All- HUN ENG bef 1816
BEBEE   -All- SA AUS aft 1870
BEEBEE   -All- HUN ENG bef 1816
BEEBY   -All- HUN ENG bef 1816
BOXALL   -All- KEN ENG -All-
BURFORD   Topsham DEV ENG -All-
BURMAN   Leake LIN ENG -All-
BURMAN   -All- SA AUS -All-
CAREY   Alford LIN ENG aft 1796
COLES   Stanton Drew SOM ENG -All-
FARMER   Perth WA AUS aft 1829
FORMAN   Nth Cockerington LIN ENG cir 1773
FROMANT   Gt Chesterford ESS ENG 1750
HARDING   Sth Petherton SOM ENG pre 1850
HAYWARD   Gt Abbington CAM ENG 1769
HOWARD   Gt Abbington CAM ENG 1769
KEMP   Hinxton CAM ENG aft 1778
LANGE   Bowillia SA AUS aft 1860
MITCHELL   Whyte-Yarcowie SA AUS -All-
POPE   Topsham DEV ENG 1810
POPE   Geraldton WA AUS aft 1855
ROWLEY   Chatteris CAM ENG aft 1803
SALTER   Topsham DEV ENG -All-
STEPHENS   Milltown KER IRL pre 1875
STEPHENS   Pt Pirie SA AUS -All-
UPSALL   -All- LIN ENG -All-

Nov 1, 2001