Research Interests - September 1998


In my genealogical researches I have cast many wide nets. When looking for an ancestor in some locations, one method I used with some success was to copy down all of the references on that surname that I could find within the time span, and look for family patterns later. By doing so I have a lot of information on some surnames in a few locations.

For example: - The town/borough of Kilsyth in Stirlingshire, Scotland has given me the most success but it isn't the only place I have searched for information.

I am also beginning to formulate a one name study on the KITTO family which originates in Cornwall, and I would most welcome any contacts in this name.

The following is a list of surnames that may have information in it for other members - it covers far wider than my own family tree. Youíll never know if you donít ask.

If you want further information about the families listed below, please contact me at

Locality KEY
ABERCROMBIE   Kilsyth STI SCT 1780-1860
AHEARN   Youghal COR IRL cir 1830
ANDERSON   Kilsyth STI SCT 1723-1910
ARNOLD   Donnington SSX ENG aft 1760
BAIRD   Kilsyth STI SCT 1672-1721
BELL   North Shields NBL ENG 1830-1881
BENNETT   Tilehurst
BRK ENG 1800-1860
BENNETT   Bingara NSW AUS 1880-1910
BOLITHO   Mawgan-in-Meneage CON ENG cir 1800
BOURKE   Donegal DON IRL aft 1790
BRASH   Kilsyth STI SCT 1723-1807
BROWN   Chipping Wycombe BKM ENG 1820-1850
BURN   North Shields NBL ENG 1800-1881
CAMPBELL   Kilsyth STI SCT 1795-1854
CARLYON   St Keverne CON ENG 1670-1770
CLELAND   Kilsyth STI SCT 1672-1766
COLBECK   York YKS ENG 1750-1760
COLES   Great Marlow BKM ENG 1800-1850
COMBLEY   Kington St Michael WIL ENG 1624-1780
COMBLEY   Urchfont
WIL ENG 1780-1900
COMBLEY   Meckering WA AUS aft 1886
COOKE   Mawgan-in-Meneage CON ENG 1750-1800
CORNISH   Launceston CON ENG 1780-1790
DENNETT   Chichester SSX ENG 1780-1840
DIXCEY   High Wycombe BKM ENG 1800-1852
EDWARDS   Urchfont WIL ENG 1600-1820
FINDLAY   Kilsyth STI SCT 1672-1721
FORRESTER   Kilsyth STI SCT 1672-1795
FREW   Kilsyth STI SCT 1650-1820
GILLIES   Kilsyth STI SCT 1672-1820
GOODMAN   Launceston CON ENG aft 1800
GRAHAM   Kilsyth STI SCT 1700-1730
GRAY   Longhorsley NBL ENG 1800-1820
HENDERSON   Kilsyth STI SCT 1672-1766
HIGHT   Renold BDF ENG 1770-1790
HONEY   Launceston CON ENG 1800-1850
HONEY   -All- -All- AUS -All-
HUCKLE   Cardington
BDF ENG 1736-1850
AUS 1800's
JARVIE   Kilsyth STI SCT 1820-1840
JOHNSTONE   Greenisland
ANT IRL 1700-1854
JOHNSTONE   Melbourne VIC AUS 1854-1920
JONAS   Port Adelaide SA AUS aft 1850
JONES   Wycombe BKM ENG aft 1785
KIRK   Acomb YKS ENG 1800-1857
KITTO   -All- -All- -All- -All-
KITTO   Breage CON ENG 1800-1860
MAHONEY   Killarney KER IRL 1820-1850
MAHONEY   Melbourne VIC AUS 1840-1900
McNAMARA   Gumeracha SA AUS 1852-1878
McROBERTS   Bangor Abbey DOW IRL 1830-1850
MERRICK   Melbourne VIC AUS 1840-1900
MILLER   Kilsyth STI SCT 1686-1820
MORLEY   Westbourne SSX ENG 1720-1750
MORRISON   Kilsyth STI SCT 1672-1833
NAPIER   Kilsyth STI SCT 1688-1766
NISBET   Kilsyth STI SCT 1672-1737
O'MAHONEY   Killarney KER IRL 1820-1850
O'MAHONEY   Melbourne VIC AUS 1840-1900
ORCHARD   -All- CON ENG 1600-1840
ORCHARD   -ALL- -All- AUS -All-
PAGE   Cannings WIL ENG 1820-1856
PATRICK   Kilsyth STI SCT 1690-1795
REA   Belfast ANT IRL 1800-1830
REVELL   Port Adelaide SA AUS 1840-1900
REVELL   Mansfield NTT ENG 1800-1840
REYNOLDS   Chichester SSX ENG 1723-1840
REYNOLDS   Port Adelaide SA AUS aft 1840
ROGERS   Mawgan-in-Meneage CON ENG 1640-1750
ROSS   Kilsyth STI SCT 1727-1820
SHERWIN   Kirkby Overblow YKS ENG 1730-1820
SNOOK   Meckering WA AUS aft 1842
SNOOKE   Meckering WA AUS aft 1842
STAFFORD   Church Hill DON IRL 1830-1840
STEVENSON   Kilsyth STI SCT 1800-1810
STEWART   Bangor Abbey DOW IRL 1790-1900
TATESON   Acomb YKS ENG 1756-1900
TRENDALL   Mapledurham OXF ENG 1733-1800
TRERISE   St Keverne CON ENG 1800-1850
WEATHERALL   London MDX ENG aft 1842
WEATHERALL   Perth WA AUS aft 1858
WILLIAMS   St Martins
St Keverne
CON ENG 1750-1851
WILLIAMS   Breage CON ENG 1790-1850
WORNHAM   Mapledurham OXF ENG 1760-1815

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