Research Interests - October 1999

Francis Henry VINCENT was born in Dorsetshire, England around 1796. He travelled to the Swan River Colony on the "Medina" in 1829 and married Louisa HUME in Fremantle in 1830.

Although my main interest lies with my VINCENT lineage, I am seeking information on other branches as well and am willing to share information with anyone who is connected to them.

If you want further information about the families listed below, please contact me at

Locality KEY
ARMSTRONG   Jarrahdale WA AUS 1900-1910
CAPPS   Busselton WA AUS 1870-1874
HANBURY   Perth WA AUS 1890-1910
HANBURY   Perth WA AUS pre 1958
McKAY   Fremantle WA AUS 1893-1910
PRINGLE   Fremantle WA AUS 1865-1900
SALTER   Norwood SA AUS 1890
SALTER   Perth WA AUS pre 1956
SHEEHAN   Bunbury WA AUS 1865-1910
SURRADGE   Claremont WA AUS cir 1911
aka WOOD  
Perth WA AUS 1890-1905
VINCENT   Fremantle WA AUS 1830-1890
WA AUS 1870
WALKER   Fremantle WA AUS 1880
WILLIAMS   Claremont WA AUS cir 1911
WOOD   Perth WA AUS 1875
WOOD   Bunbury WA AUS 1880-1900
WOOD   Fremantle WA AUS 1900

Nov 1, 2001